Will BlackBerry succeed in the Chinese market?

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China Telecom is reportedly in “preliminary contacts” with RIM to distribute BlackBerry devices in China. China Telecom is China’s largest fixed-line operator by subscribers.

While getting a device sold in China is a very lucrative prospect due to the vast population size of China, it may turn out to be more work than it’s worth. Some analysts are saying that the BlackBerry represents just “another handset choice,” which shouldn’t have much positive impact on China Telecom’s mobile operation. Another factor to consider is whether the BlackBerry device is a cultural fit for the Chinese.

Marvin Lo, a Daiwa Securities analyst, says the Chinese prefer short SMS communication, and a mobile email platform isn’t their preferred means of communication. “Indeed local Chinese prefer short-message service, or SMS, to email as a way of communications,” he said. “I don’t think this data-oriented device can be a big hit in China.”

I’m hoping it will be a success for RIM because the Asia Pacific market could transform RIM into a truly global organization.


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  1. 1 Dave Berry

    Bad idea RIM! Everytime we send something to China 15 minutes later they produce a cheap inferior knock off. The iphone sucked. From day one yet China sells cheaper clones. Sheesh how cheap can you make cheap?

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Will BlackBerry succeed in the Chinese market? http://bit.ly/c8NKd

  3. 3 webchetan (webchetan)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Will BlackBerry succeed in the Chinese market? http://bit.ly/c8NKd

  4. 4 locklock

    i from china i’m a bber. bb it a good phone,but i think in china,it not useful which poeple like touch likes iphone in ShangHai metro I see a lot of Iphone,but in china bber are big ,i see a 50 years woman use the 8700 its a amazing things.

  5. 5 james

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Who ever doesn’t think blackberry is a sure fire hit in China is smoking crack. There’s already a huge grey market for the devices here.

    The argument that SMS rules over email is null, people here like BBs because they are hella easy to type on. Most BBs support pinyin, wubihua and hopefully soon stroke input on touch screen devices.

    RIM bring blackberry to the people of China!!!

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