Shazam now available for the BlackBerry Storm

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Shazam is one of the coolest applications in App World. The app is an incredibly simple way to discover and purchase music. One of its features includes being able to tag a song you’re listening to, and Shazam will figure out what song it is and let you purchase it, if it’s available.

Shazam now offers full support for the BlackBerry Storm. Now, Shazam is available for all BlackBerry trackball smartphones (including the Bold, Curve and Pearl) as well as the Storm, featuring full touchscreen support.

The application works the same way as the existing Shazam application for BlackBerry handsets. Users can choose from a free basic version of Shazam with limited functionality or a full-featured version for just $4.99.

The full-featured version includes:
· Unlimited Tags
· Tag charts
· Recommendations for similar tracks
· Biographies of artists
· Reviews of tagged music
· Discographies
· The option to buy and share discovered music

Shazam is currently offering a free, seven-day trial of the full-featured version.

Visit from your BlackBerry device to download.

Or download Shazam from BlackBerry App World.

  • Robert Miller
    BEWARE of Questionnaires from SHAZAM . They promise you a $5- itunes voucher for filling in the questionnaire . But the voucher never materializes . Lots of delays and excuses . It's been over 2 months now and they wont even reply anymore . Don't waste your time filling it in . They won't send the voucher . Shame , seems like a good product . I . for one will not be endorsing it .
  • Daniel
    shazam was at one point 2.99 a month, and before it came out verizon was charging 99 cents per song. yeah remember tho commercials kids. anyway, with out shazam existing verizon and att would still be charging a subscription fee of 2.99 a month. yes it is "free" and by free i mean at no additional cost for the iphone. but the iphone needs special internet service, you pay for that, and you also pay for the name apple when you buy the phone. that being said, the iphone is so god damn popular and shazam is only getting all this popularity though the iphone, and with the iphone you get adds. adds you see instead of paying money.

    bottom line, this is one of the best applications for any phone, it would be worth 4.99 a month.

    god bless
  • ascorve (Malvin Latief)
    Finally RT @om: RT @DanielaHinrichs Shazam for the BlackBerry
  • shadi (Shadi Hijazi)
    RT @om: RT @DanielaHinrichs Shazam for the BlackBerry
  • om (Om Malik)
    RT @DanielaHinrichs Shazam for the BlackBerry
  • danielahinrichs (Daniela Hinri
    RT @benjaminlorenz: Shazam for the BlackBerry - One of my favorite iPhone apps!!!!
  • (-_-'
    Why the fuck do we have to pay for this shit when it's free on Android and Iphone? This is some fucking bullshit.
  • benjaminlorenz (Benjamin Loren
    Shazam for the BlackBerry
  • Matt
    Agree with Texico - Now that we have VCast SongID for free from Verizon, there really isn't much use in having Shazam unless you absolutely can't live without one of those premium features. I'm happy just knowing the name of the song and artist.
  • thephoneboy (Steve Mason)
    Shazam now available for the BlackBerry Storm
  • thephoneboy (Steve Mason)
    Shazam now available for the BlackBerry Storm
  • MrWayne (Mr.Wayne)
    RT @BlackBerryCool: Shazam now available for the BlackBerry Storm about time Ioved this app on my 8900
  • BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Coo
    Shazam now available for the BlackBerry Storm
  • Texico Jones
    I have verizon, and I use SongID to do the same. I'm not interested in buying the songs, just identifying them, so is there any reason to pay for Shazam? I used it before on my 9530 before the free trial ran out, but VZW just released their songID for the storm too.


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