Improving the BlackBerry App World experience



On 1st April 2009, RIM started the Application Store AppWorld, following the lead of the already extremely successful AppStore Apple brought up about a year ago.

RIM announced the fact that they will start an Application Store at the Developer Conference in Santa Clara in October 2008. Since then a lot of Developers and Consumers were waiting for the day they would launch AppWorld. Finally on the 1st April 2009 it got released – but the name ‘AppWorld’ is already quite misleading: The word ‘World’ is not true since it only launched in UK, Canada and the USA at the beginning. Rumors float around that AppWorld will finally start in some countries of Europe in July 2009.

The fact that RIM has launched AppWorld is pleasant – but it leaks some serious functions. When compared to other on-device Application Stores you find that they are much superior then AppWorld.

Here is a list of functions RIM should include in a new Version of AppWorld:

  • Add a Bestseller List (There is just a Top 25 List but that is only ordered by downloads, not by sales)
  • Separate Paid and Free apps
  • Supports more payment options next to PayPal
  • Include a ‘More-Apps-From-This-Developer’-Link in the Application
  • Add a ‘New Software’-List (The user does not know when/where he can find new apps)
  • Add a ‘Updated Software’-List
  • Plug the Memory-Leak
  • Insert a Coupon Code function for Users (Coupon Codes are very attractive sale-accelerators)
  • Make it available all over the World
  • Create a Desktop-Version of AppWorld so that Users can buy from the PC
  • Add Themes to the List
  • Cut the $2.99 minimum Price Tag
  • ‘Push’ it to all BlackBerry Devices

I know RIM can do that! Let’s hope they bring out a new version with some of these features! RIM normally does a great job with their products. Why did you not work on a perfect version of AppWorld prior launching it?

This article was originally published on MobileUtil.

4 Responses to “Improving the BlackBerry App World experience”

  1. 1 Fabian

    RIM please employ me so that I can help! *gg*

  2. 2 Cliff

    Ha. Great article but if you think RIM has any clue what to do when it comes to apps, you’re absolutely insane. RIM is to smartphones as PS3 is to home consoles. Sadly, I own both.

  3. 3 greg alonso

    All good comments, but the one thing AppWorld needs to do is store apps on the SD Card. I can’t load that many apps before my Blackberry runsout of memory

  4. 4 zyphbear

    I would agree with greg about needing to be able to load the apps onto an SD card, but I would have to completely disagree about ‘pushing’ the app to all Blackberry devices, which removes the ability for the user to be able to control what goes on their device. T-Mobile (and other carriers) already push too much content to a device with such a small amount of memory that this is already part of the reason I am strongly considering switching away from Blackberry for my next device. (even though I have been using Blackberries for about 4 years.)

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