Analysts maintain buy given upcoming BlackBerry devices


While many bloggers have lamented the fact that RIM keeps releasing devices, it seems to be keeping shareholders happy.

The constant release of devices frustrates the BlackBerry community in that the devices have been mostly hybrids of preexisting devices, without making any significant leaps in the technology or offerings.

Last year, RIM released four devices in the seven months that precede the fall/Christmas consumer blitz. Before Christmas 2009, we will see the launch of the Tour 9630, Curve 8520, Onyx (fall?) and Storm 2 (November 2009?).

At RIM’s last conference call, there was concern over the fact that enterprise subscribers had declined compared to previous quarters. In light of this, analysts such as UBS Securities’ Phillip Huang and Maynard Um say they are “still anticipating eventual enterprise acceleration.” They added, “We maintain our view that enterprise acceleration is likely to occur given its captive base, limited competition, depletion of Blackberries in “IT closets,” and limited IT budgets for switching costs.” That being said, the firm is maintaining a “buy” rating on RIM’s stock with a long-term target of $90.


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