Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

Recently, a BlackBerry Cool reader wrote in saying:

“Since 5 PM EST, July 23rd, I started to notice that a lot of my contacts started showing up as ‘contact is unavailable.’ I broadcasted a message to all of my contacts and they seem to be having the same problems! I’m not too sure if this is just a Canadian carrier problem or what, but it has effected Bell, Rogers, and TELUS customers. I’ve asked my friend at RIM and he says they aren’t sure what the problem is.”

According to

Trouble Ticket Number: 7392092
Severity: 2-Medium
Description of Issue: RIM is experiencing latency with PIN messages. This will affect PIN messages, Blackberry Messenger, Service Book delivery, and other Blackberry services.
Location of Issue: North America and surrounding areas
Start Time: Jul 23 2009 10:00 AM PDT
Symptoms you MAY experience: RIM Blackberry users may be unable to send/receive messages or may have difficulty connecting to the network.
Estimated time of repair: Unknown

26 Responses to “Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?”

  1. 1 Kyle

    I’m using BBM 5.0 right now and have been chatting this morning. No issues for me so far. I’m on Telus using a BB Storm.

  2. 2 SagX80

    I’m using BBM 5.0 on my Bold, i have seen some contacts go unavailable but they shortly returned to normal. i have noticed a delay a little in sending msgs

  3. 3 quinton

    I have a friend that has the storm and his phone won’t let him access the bbm he has 5.0 is this a big issue or easily fixed

  4. 4 Kris

    I am on the Curve 8900 (Javelin) on the Rogers network and have been experiencing these problems for at least a week. Messengers contacts pop in and out of ‘available’ status and messages are delivered out of sequence and often late. Hope they fix this soon and release a wireless update.

  5. 5 Steve

    Yes, been noticing this for 2 days with my friends. Most of us are on Rogers network. Our messages are delayed by 15 minutes at times, and then the second message is sent before the first is even marked as delivered. We are on BIS accounts. My BES users have not complained to me yet. FYI I’m on Bold, with official Rogers OS ending in .282 and not testing BB Msgr 5.

  6. 6 Jeremy

    BBM5 on my Bold is working great here in Orlando, FL…

  7. 7 Piper975

    I actually started to notice this happening on July 20th (yes, Monday) with delayed messages and contacts becoming unavailable at different intervals with it becoming widespread and constant on July 23. Things started working for the most part again about 930pm PST last night but today it is still on occassion slow to send and receive messages. I don’t think this problem has been resolved yet. Oh and by the way I am running the old BBM not the new BBm 5.0.

  8. 8 Inzomniak

    This has been happening to me in the UK, I’m on O2, I thought it was because I was using BBM5, but when I went back to BBM4 it was exactly the same, back on BBM5 now and it appears to be behaving itself, but the service does seem to get slow still intermittently.

    As we speak my friend is appearing busy/on the phone, but he’s not! What I’ve been doing to sort that out is change my status to unavailable and then back again and it appears to reset the status’s.

  9. 9 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  10. 10 JennaGlynn (Jenna Glynn)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  11. 11 jdjonas (Justin Jonas)

    Yes! Half my texts not getting thru! RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  12. 12 Refresh303 (Matt Winston)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  13. 13 mcm180 (MaYNOR Caleb M.)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  14. 14 heyzeus

    wow, this is old news guys. welcome to yesterday at 6pm..

  15. 15 iskandar_ahmat (Iskandar Ahmat)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  16. 16 Blackberrytheme (BlackberryThemePark)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  17. 17 glockstar865 (Gary)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  18. 18 Trevor

    I’m with Kris. I’ve been having erratic delays on my Telus Tour 9630 (bbm 5.0) and have been experiencing up to 3 hour delays (on like every other message) for the last week. Since Saturday June 18th in the evening.

    I’ve had to revert to Google Talk, as it, email and browsing (far heavier data apps) are working fine.

  19. 19 Grant

    I have been getting wild delays and 2nd msg before the first for a couple of days. I am using bbm5 on curve 8330 Alltel network

  20. 20 SuRgEindamixx (Sergio Trevino)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  21. 21 sickofsushi (missMalu)

    Nope. RT: @BlackBerryCool Are you experiencing problems with BlackBerry Messenger?

  22. 22 James

    I have no plm send or recieve even I am not using BM 5.0 so I guess u all did not get the message that 5.0 beta will have plms because wireless carriers or RIM does not support beta thing and will only accept official release

  23. 23 Seaspray843

    I live in a mountainous area (local ranges and the Rockies) and am at the edge of Verizon signal. I thought this was just poor signal issue.
    For me I have messenger 4.5.0 on a curve 8300 that I bought just 2 mo ago. My contacts keep getting requests to accept my pin. I also have notice extreame lagtimes with received and delivered posts.
    Obviously I thought my new phone was set with the latest software, how do I upgrade to the latest version? Should I wait for the issues to be cleared up first?

  24. 24 Tom

    I’m using it on my Bold and it seems to work fine however, from time to time chats just disappear. I’ll ping a friend (send them a few message lines) and then I’ll click over to email or another application. But when I go back to BBM, the original message I sent it gone. It happens when people send me messages as well. Messages I save for later vanish.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  25. 25 salah

    i lost my bb messenger

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