Australia gets EDGE and Telstra Blue Tick for the BlackBerry Bold

Vodafone EDGE

There’s some good news for the folks in Australia. Firstly, it seems that Vodafone Australia have finally upgraded their GPRS network to EDGE. Although EDGE isn’t necessarily blazing fast, it’s a huge improvement and Vodafone customers.

Another piece of good news for Australian BlackBerry users is that Telstra have announced that the BlackBerry Bold has been accredited with Telstra’s Blue Tick, which recommends devices for handheld use in metro, rural and regional areas. Users can upgrade their existing Bold devices, while new users will get Tick-ready devices out of the box.

[Special thanks goes to Brendan for the tip]

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  1. 1 missladybitch (missladybitch)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Vodafone Australia gets EDGE Woo hoo!

  2. 2 Jack

    This isnt really new news (the telstra ‘tick’) it has been advertised as a recmmended handset since its launch, and in the vodafone news, anything less than 3G is pretty dead here in aus, telstra has the telecommunications monopoly here and their blackberry service far out performs any other carrier, and their 3G network goes further than any EDGE or GPRS network, they are reluctent to sell any device without 3G, including the Pearl, which they dont have in stores anymore, and they heavily push the only REAL 3G BlackBerry(i dont include the storm in that).

    i do hate telstra as much as the next guy, but they do have the best blackberry service in aus. i currently have a bold with them, as they wouldnt replace my 2 month old defective curve with another.

    cant wait for RIM to produce more 3G devices, EDGE is a bit of a joke for a consumer phone, and increasingly even for professional services (my company will only supply 3G phones, due to coverage)

  3. 3 Jack

    the news about the telstra ‘tick’ isnt anything new, they have been recommending this device for regional and rural use since before its launch.

    and the vodafone EDGE thing, anything less than 3G in almost DOA in aus, our telecommunications monopoly (telstra) has the premier BB service and their 3G coverage is larger than any EDGE/GSM network. the bb Pearl is the last device AT ALL that they sell that is non 3G and they dont even have them in stores anymore.

    vodafone is late to the table with this EDGE network, they have little coverage outside of cities, and i know that is where more bb users dwell, but as a consumer phone, which is who vodafone cater to, EDGE is just a joke.

    for professional users, most companies (mone included) use telstra, as they have the best coverage, and the 3G bold, no companies that i know of, or really any with a useful IT dept, buy EDGE or GPRS phones due to coverage and future proof issues.

    EDGE seems to be alive and well in north america, but in aus it is a dying breed.
    to continue capturing the consumer market, and even the professional one, RIM needs to create more 3G devices, the most advances phones in the world are useless without a large data pipe to support them

  4. 4 Greg Myers

    Vodafone have been making this upgrade to Edge over the last week of so. Service has been very unreliable but it’s starting to show signs of stability now.
    Will let you know how it compares over the next few weeks.
    Kind Regards,
    Greg Myers

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