BlackBerry software Deal-of-the-Day: TetherBerry

TetherBerry is a simple way to tether your BlackBerry to your laptop. The app involves installing a connector to your desktop, as well as the software to your device.

This app used to take some tweaking in your Internet settings to get it to work, but the latest builds have eradicated much of that. Also, while it requires that you are connected via USB, the company is working on a Bluetooth solution.

TetherBerry is normally priced at $49.95, but it is now available for $24.98.

2 Responses to “BlackBerry software Deal-of-the-Day: TetherBerry”

  1. 1 Cyrus

    So the site says v 1.0.8 but the trial I have on my phone is 1.0.9! Will this be compatible with the Tour 9630?

    Also, if i switch blackberrys how can i transfer the license?

  2. 2 Cyrus will auto make an account on tetherberry’s website where you can change your pin.

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