elog.com adds attachments and Twitter functionality

When we last wrote about elog.com, the service that lets you create web pages from emails, the company was on the fence about offering attachments. Well they’ve opened up their service to include attachments so you can add pictures and video to your webpages.

elog.com is a simple and non-invasive service. Your website looks exactly like the email you send and it can serve a variety of purposes. To create your own web page, just send an email to newpage@elog.com. Your email can have pretty much anything you want in it and your new web page will look just like the email you send. You will be issued a public web page, e.g. 1993.elog.com, that others can view immediately. To update your web page with new content, just send an email to it, e.g. 1993@elog.com.

Another feature includes includes the ability to have your emails sent to Twitter. If you have a Twitter account and you send an email to tweet@elog.com, your tweet will be posted and an auto-generated webpage contains the body of your email, completely unadulterated.

You can have a look at a quick example here.

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    elog.com adds attachments and Twitter functionality http://bit.ly/Hc7lF

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