Happy Canada Day! The Best of Canadian Culture

Happy Canada day folks! BlackBerry Cool would like to present what could be considered “The Best of Canadian Culture.” Feel free to comment your personal favorite Canadiana. Here they are in no particular order:

Canadian companies

RIM isn’t the only company making headlines. Canadian Scientific Research and Development Credits make it possible for many Canadian companies to invest the budgets necessary for great products.


The Make it Seven campaign has done a great job of promoting Canadian hockey. It’s a big part of Canadian culture and we’re proud of our nation’s dominance in the sport.

French Canada

It’s great to live in an officially bilingual country, founded on two distinct cultures (anglo and franco). Canada’s French history can be seen in Quebec, the Acadian East Coast and our First Nations Peoples.

The East Coast

Theirs a well-deserved stereotype about Canadians that they’re polite and friendly. The maritimes is a great place to experience this friendly vibe. Go during lobster fest!

The West Coast

Whether you’re skiing in the Rockies or on a beach in Vancouver, the West Coast is an outdoorsman’s dream.

Prairies and Central Canada

Canada’s natural resources are an economic competitive advantage. We have vast amounts of wheat, softwood lumber, minerals and a booming oil economy. Did you know we’re the largest exporter of oil to the US?

Aboriginal and First Nations People

Canada’s First Nations People represent a Canada that was totally different than it is today. While it hasn’t been an easy transition for these cultures, they remain a huge part of our culture and nationhood.

Canadian Music, Film, Arts and Entertainment

There isn’t one unified Canadian taste in music, film or the arts. All we can do is present some openly Canadian examples. Some good recent Canadian bands include Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and The Stills. Trailer Park Boys is a great Canadian show about degenerate life in Halifax. Canada is also a great place to film popular hollywood movies. Government subsidies make it very cost effective to film in Canada.

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  1. 1 Nick T

    Great writeup about the Best Country to live in! Just a point there are other First Nations and Inuit in Canada besides Iroquois ;)

  2. 2 gabe

    You call blackberry phones “good products”? hahah

  3. 3 Nick T

    Besides the iPhone what phone/pda is competition for a Blackberry? :)

  4. 4 Nick T

    disregard my comment on First Nations/Inuit :P

  5. 5 Nan Palmero

    Don’t forget about The Truthiness About Canada - http://www.nanpalmero.com/truthiness-about-canada/

  6. 6 T

    Canada’s dominance in hockey? Are you serious? What was the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup…..

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