MyBlackBerry not available but join the discussion anyways

While RIM assured us that MyBlackBerry would be available to the public this week, it still requires an invitation key. I’ve seen many people on Twitter asking to get an invite, so I thought I’d let you know what’s going on in the community, so you don’t feel left out.

As you may know, the focus of MyBlackBerry is around the forum discussions. The forum is divided into 3 categories: Applications, Tips and Tricks and General. Keep in mind, this is still very much in an early development phase and so the user base is small and the conversations are fairly bland.


Author: Kyle McInnes
Subject: What’s your favorite BlackBerry game?
Replies: 10

What’s your favorite BlackBerry game?
I have 2 games that I’m playing right now on my Storm 9530 that I simply love.
Fierce Towers - an awesome tower defense game. A port of the classic Field Towers game for PC.
Air Traffic Controller - draw flight paths with your finger to land the planes.
For QWERTY devices, I play a lot of Texas Hold’em King 3. Love the multiplayer.

Author: jfrankling
Subject:Best Twitter App?
Replies: 19

Best Twitter App?
I use UberTwitter, what do you use?

Tips and Tricks

Author: Jaime Escobar
Subject: Preventing screen scratches
Replies: 14

Preventing screen scratches
Jaime Escobar:
I use a pda style film protector. costs a few bucks but does a great job


Author: Douglas Soltys
Subject: MyBlackBerry Feature Requests
Replies: 12

MyBlackBerry Feature Requests
Douglas Soltys:
I thought I’d follow Kyle’s lead and start a thread for things we’d like to see on MyBB! This is what set my mind in motion:
- I like that you can set a profile photo, and choose between different avatars, but initially I didn’t know the difference; I was frustrated that my intended image wasn’t showing up, beaten out instead by a greyed-out silhouette. SO, maybe when adding a profile photo, there should be a link right beside saying ‘make this your avatar?’ or a clearer indication that your profile image will not be your avatar unless you so choose.

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but that’s it for now. Post your feature requests (lasers, perhaps?)!

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