Pandora 1.1.0 Released with Stereo AAC+

blackberry now playingPandora has launched version 1.1.0 today.  In previous versions, you could only get mono AAC via your mobile connection.  Now, stereo AAC+ is available just like you find on your wi-fi connection!  You can download Pandora for free via your BlackBerry Browser at  Check out all the new features and bug fixes after the jump.

New Features

  • Significantly better audio quality over mobile network - now using stereo AAC+ (HE-AAC) for both Wi-Fi and mobile connections
  • Listener preference option to select “High” quality stream over mobile network or “Normal” for slower connections. Both are stereo.
  • Create Station screen now has auto-complete functionality as you type
  • Added user preference option to enable or disable station auto-start
  • Moved “Log Out” from main menu into Options screen, it now shows the currently logged-in username
  • Visual overlay when changing volume; easier to see actual volume level
  • Application will check for correct application permissions on startup, and offer to set them to appropriate values if required
  • You can now get to the “Options” screen from the menus of both the Station List screen and the
  • Now Playing screen
  • Reduced download size of app by about 30-40%

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed stream resume problem on some Storm devices after being interrupted by a system alert (phone call, SMS, email, etc)
  • Fixed bug where Wi-Fi capable devices without a SIM card or data plan were not able to use Pandora over Wi-Fi
  • Fixed reports of “low volume” settings not being low enough - the lower volume settings now go as quiet as possible before being muted
  • Fixed bug where album art may not have been displayed for some tracks
  • Mute button should now properly sleep the device when holding it down

6 Responses to “Pandora 1.1.0 Released with Stereo AAC+”

  1. 1 Dave

    Pandora Mobile does not currently count towards the 40 hour cap. And as someone who has found himself at that cap(I really DONT listen THAT much, but whatever) I would prefer the mobile version not add to my “40-Hour Listener Cap”, so I will not be upgrading.

  2. 2 Mrsfitz623 (Melissa Fitzsimmons)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Pandora 1.1.0 Released with Stereo AAC+

  3. 3 TreyDaPrince (Trey)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Pandora 1.1.0 Released with Stereo AAC+

  4. 4 thestaciesutra (Stacie)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Pandora 1.1.0 Released with Stereo AAC+

  5. 5 James

    Unfortunately, 1.1.0 doesn’t load correctly on my Javelin 8900 (T-Mobile) blackberry.. It keeps saying connection has timed out. It worked fine on .114 version OS but not when I upgraded to .250. Also really hate the *ads* popups. Total turn off. Ill stick w/ the older version.

  6. 6 CrackBaby®

    Right. I’ll just move to the united states to listen to radio.
    Why is it that RIM and all their partners hate non-yanks so much??

    The whole idea of the internet is that data should be available world wide!
    If I wanna listen to local radio, I’ll buy a radio, not a computer/phone.

    there seems to be an iphone app for Anyone know how to get support on the storm?

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