SpeechExec professional voice-to-text application from Phillips

Voice-to-text is an incredible technology that will transform the way we interact with our devices, send emails, write documents and transcribe audio.

SpeechExec for BlackBerry is developed by Phillips, and gives you the ability to record, edit and download dictation files from your device. The software is relatively simple to use, just press the record button, and when recording is finished and you are ready to download files, they will be transmitted to your company’s dictation server via email, FTP/S or HTTP/S.

Some of the core features of SpeechExec include security and efficiency. In order to increase security during file transfer, SpeechExec Enterprise allows for additional, 128bit dictation file encryption. This security feature is independent of RIM software, and therefore unique to the market. Should a device become lost or stolen, BlackBerry users can have their devices remotely wiped and disabled to prevent encrypted files from being played back by unauthorized users. Thanks to high-quality compression – 1 minute recording takes only 100kByte – reduced transmission time and substantially lowered phone costs are guaranteed.

Another feature of this product includes the ability to work offline. As soon as a working connection is available again, users can immediately send the dictation to a transcriptionist anywhere in the world.

If your company does not have a dictation server, I highly recommend using MyCaption. Their voice-to-text technology is very robust, and I have used it under a wide variety of conditions.

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  1. 1 Michael

    That sounds neat - but I wonder - how much? There is no proce and no download, so I am thinking $$$$$

  2. 2 Michael

    I meant ‘no price’ (typo)

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