Zeemote now available for BlackBerry - let the games begin!

Zeemote+console-quality games+Pico Projector+8900 = An incredible mobile gaming experience.

We first got a look at the Zeemote over a year ago when we were writing about them on QuicklyBored and then at BBDC 2008, they brought it to the BlackBerry world. The Zeemote is an interesting addition to the world of BlackBerry gaming, a market that is still young but has a great deal of potential.

Now officially out of beta testing and ready for the BlackBerry community, Zeemote has some great implications for not only gaming but for other random BlackBerry uses that we’ve been testing here around the office. One example of this is with vPost. You can set vPost with the Zeemote so that you have a remote trigger for your camera. This makes for some interesting live action pics.

In terms of gaming, Zeemote fills in the gap where the BlackBerry lacks. If you’re an avid BlackBerry gamer, you know that when the game starts getting difficult, the keyboard on the device makes it impossible. You need the dexterity and precision of a brain surgeon. The Zeemote takes this stress away and lets you enjoy your games.

The Zeemote will be available in ShopBlackBerry.com this summer.

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  1. 1 Eric Laffoon

    Zeemote looks interesting, but the Pico Projector frankly looks a helluva lot more interesting! This launched my frantic googling to find that eventually Microvision and possibly TI devices may be in new phones and the soon to be released Microvision Show WX can use TV out from phones and other devices. OK… I have a BlackBerry 8900 and it doesn’t have a TV out, but it may be possible to use software and USB.

    So the big question is how the heck did they get a pico projector on an 8900, when will it be available and where can I buy it?

  2. 2 blackberry accessories

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