Beware the Infamous Roaming Charges

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By Josh A.

If you frequent any gadget forums, you’ve probably heard the stories of executives and teenagers alike racking up tens of thousands of dollars worth of dollars worth of roaming and data charges while traveling.

The most recent high-profile example of this was when Mythbuster Adam Savage was charged $11,000 for using mobile data while in Canada.

These insane charges aren’t reserved only for the rich and famous, however.  There are countless stories of average people like you and me.

It’s a shame that so many people get hit with these incredible charges when they’re so easy to avoid without giving up the use of your phone.  

Unlocking services such as UniquePhones allow you to switch out a prepaid SIM card for the country or countries you’re visiting.

In the spirit of helping our readers rid themselves of these fees forever, UniquePhones is offering an exclusive coupon to BlackBerry Cool users: simply enter the coupon BBCROAM at checkout for a 30% savings on your unlock.

If you ever use your phone in another country, it’s insanity not to do it on an unlocked phone with a local SIM.

We hope that our readers never see these ridiculous roaming charges again, but we’d love to hear your horror stories about surprise cell phone charges.

  • barrypak (Aamir Barry)
    Beware the Infamous Roaming Charges
  • Keisha
    My first trip out of country with my Blackberry was to Virginia for a wedding. Because my day ended up taking me 5 extra hours and 3 additional flights, the BB kept me sane and I was able to update my FB status throughout.

    When I got there, I tried to keep my calls to a minimum (3 calls cost $15.00 and the longest call was to my mom for <15 mins). I figured texting would be cheaper than calling. Was I EVER wrong! Each text was 60 cents! My bill came to $500 juat the data and texting!!! Thankfully, I was able to get some of the charges credited after making a few (painful) payments. Now that I'm in a long distance relationship, the first thing on my priority list is to unlock the phone before I travel!
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    RT @BlackBerryCool: Beware the Infamous Roaming Charges
  • BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Coo
    Beware the Infamous Roaming Charges
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