More details about the BlackBerry Storm 2


The BlackBerry Storm 2 has been somewhat confirmed for a late November launch date. Like we’ve said before, the Storm 2 is expected to launch around the same time as the Storm 1 last year (late November). This launch date is set to coincide with the holiday consumer blitz. The November release date will definitely be used as a benchmark, but the device will be held back a month if RIM thinks the device isn’t quite ready.

Also of note, Salomondrin, a YouTuber who has been leaking video of the BlackBerry Storm 2, posted a video that runs us through the new touchscreen interface. From the video, we know that:

  • When the device is powered off, the touchscreen glass doesn’t move.
  • When the device is on, the touchscreen glass moves up and down like the SurePress technology.
  • There is still a distinct pressing feeling a la Storm 1.
  • You can feel the screen click down on multiple points on the screen, indicating multiple contact points.

The video reviewer and the community think the prevailing theory here is that the technology behind the touchscreen interface is piezo electricity. The technology is demonstrated in the video as being similar to a sponge with a touchscreen layer on top. The idea is that the sponge is in reality a layer of piezoelectric cells forming a multiple contact touchscreen. While all of this is still in the air, it’s definitely a solid argument.


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