5 free BlackBerry apps for Back to School


Students everywhere are enjoying their final month of summer before heading back to school. Soon they’ll need to figure out class schedules and buy their text books. It’s important to get off to a fresh start and get some apps for your BlackBerry that keep you organized and informed.

Here are five free apps to help you do just that:

1. Check the weather with WeatherEye when you get up in the morning. Download WeatherEye OTA from your BlackBerry Browser at http://blackberry.theweathernetwork.com

2. With over 100,000 titles in its library, eBook app Wattpad can help you keep up with your extracurricular reading. Download Wattpad OTA from m.wattpad.com

3. Viigo is the ultimate RSS reader. Stay up to date on all your favorite news, blogs and sites on the go. Download Viigo from getviigo.com.

4. If you’re looking for a business or person on campus, check out Poynt. It’s coming soon with OpenTable support so get ready to find some cheap eats fast. Download it OTA from m.mypoynt.com

5. And finally, make sure you have Facebook. It comes preloaded on almost every BlackBerry device but if you don’t have it, download it asap.

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  1. 1 Todd C.

    A back to school apps list without Evernote? You’ve gotta have Evernote if you’re a student. The BlackBerry app is free and beautiful. Makes me want to go back to school just so I can snap a picture of the blackboard at the end of class instead of taking notes all the way through class like we did back in the day. Or record audio and/or video of the whole lecture. Check it out.

  1. 1 BlackBerry

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