Buzzd surveys mobile users about etiquette and sex lives

Over 1,000 buzzd users were surveyed about mobile etiquette in a night club/bar, and the majority said that there was no etiquette whatsoever. While this isn’t breaking news, the survey asks some pretty funny questions and it’s worth reading.

A funny statistic that came from the study shows that 60% of users admitted to drunk dialing and 68% drunk texting. The survey isn’t your standard mobile industry research paper either, it gets really saucy. For example, the study goes on to ask users about their sex lives given the economic downturn.

The survey comes with the announcement of Buzz 1.2 which is now available in App World. New features include:

  • The ability to add their own venues—one of the most requested features from the buzzd community
  • Refine searches by category (e.g. restaurants only or bars & clubs only)
  • Upload profile photos
  • General speed enhancements all around and UI improvements

buzzd Releases Eye-Opening Report on Mobile Lifestyle and Sex, Updates BlackBerry App
buzzd Opens Up its BlackBerry App to Allow Community to Add Venues and Improves Search Across The U.S. and Canada

(NEW YORK) – August 6, 2009 – buzzd, a location-sensitive city guide and social network, today announced the version 1.2 update of its downloadable application for BlackBerry, as well as some eye-opening stats from a survey of 1,027 buzzd users around the mobile lifestyle. The new version of buzzd brings many new feature improvements, including giving users the ability to add venues to buzzd’s current database of over 1.5 million venues across the US and Canada.

Users can browse and search continuously updated event feeds, which include pricing, location, and event details in addition to the firsthand ratings and reviews posted from the event by other members in real-time. Event and venue information are courtesy of Citysearch, Flavorpill, Time Out, MyOpenBar,, and many other local content providers. User-generated feedback, or “buzzes” for real-time activity about venues and events are also layered at the top of event listings throughout the platform.

A Mobile Lifestyle

In a recent survey, buzzd asked its users about their mobile lifestyle, and received over one thousand responses. Some of the more interesting findings were:

  • A third of respondents (33%) said it’s ok to use cellphones without impunity, while being in a club in a bar/club environment. One in four (26%) said that texting was okay, but mobile web browsing was verboten, while 17% said that once you’ve started a conversation with a hook-up, it’s time to hang up. A full 14% said that a mobile phone should never be used in a club, unless it’s an emergency.
  • 60% percent of respondents report having drunk-dialed somebody while a still-higher 68% reported partaking in drunk text-messaging.
  • Nearly a third of respondents (30%) report that they have lost their mobile phones at least once after a night on the town. 3% of respondents have lost their handsets 5-10 times or more.
  • Besides using buzzd, respondents were asked how they find out about places to go and things to do, a whopping 85% said that word of mouth recommendation from friends was the number one way they planned their activities.

Recession is Economic, Not Sexual

In a question unrelated to the mobile lifestyle, buzzd inquired about sexual activity in the depressed economic climate. 21% of respondents reported increased activity compared to 14% who reported less activity. A majority reported having the same amount of sex.

buzzd 1.2 is available now on the BlackBerry AppWorld. Simply search the AppWorld for “buzzd” or click this link from your BlackBerry to download the latest version.

About buzzd

buzzd is a location-sensitive city guide and social network on the mobile device. buzzd answers the question, “What’s going on around me right now?” by allowing consumers to get up-to-the minute information on what’s happening at any venue right now, rate events and connect with friends and other people in the area.

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