DubMeNow contact exchange now includes location aware feature

DubMeNow began as a way for BlackBerry users to easily exchange business card information and they’ve recently added a new feature to their app.

The new feature is called ‘Locate’ and it gives you the ability to exchange contact information such as email, phone, address, photo, etc. and links to their social networks, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and more using their location.

The Locate feature should be a hit with users at a conference or venue that they know they’re going to want to exchange information with the people around them.

Included in the latest update are some new improvements as well including:

  • Users can add a photo to their contact info, and include social networking information such as Twitter handles, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr accounts, blog URLs and much more.
  • Users can send a LinkedIn invitation along with their contact info.

To download DubMeNow, visit http://m.dubmenow.com from your BlackBerry Browser, or find it free on App World.

9 Responses to “DubMeNow contact exchange now includes location aware feature”

  1. 1 Chris Hopkinson

    Thanks for the review! We’re excited to be the first to offer BlackBerry and iPhone users ability to exchange contact info with the push of a button.

    Stay tuned for more to come!


    Chris Hopkinson

  2. 2 Mike

    Just downloaded on blackberry. Looks cool and can’t wait for Dub to become a standard so I can burn my business cards for ever

  3. 3 Joe Beaulaurier

    I tried dubmenow but was disappointed to see that instead of simply receiving easily importable contact info, the recipient gets an email with a nicely laid out representation of a business card containing your data. They are then required to set up a dubmenow account or be stuck with having to cut-n-paste your information into whatever address book they’re using. That creates too much friction in the process.

    I have been enabling people to bypass cut-n-paste and retyping by using builtin features on my Blackberry Storm. I simply locate my own address book entry in Contacts and select “Send as attachment.” This enables me to email my information as a vCard file (universally importable into address books) to one or more people. I use it all the time. I’m able to include not only my basic contact info but by using the user definable fields I also include my twitter, flickr, YouTube, PeoplePond and TripIt links as well. I also use the Note field to include a little biography about me. It is lacking my mugshot though.

    And in return, when someone texts or emails their vCard to me, I simply import it into my Blackberry Contacts. I could also import it into SalesForce, GMail contacts, etc.

    I would like to send my vCard as a text msg (MMS) but MMS enabled phones typically also receive email. Also I would assume that people tend to prefer importing and managing their contacts on their desktop and sync with their phone later so this is somewhat of a moot point.

  4. 4 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    DubMeNow contact exchange now includes location aware feature http://bit.ly/1ZheXS

  5. 5 ishsal (Al-Ishsal Ishak)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: DubMeNow contact exchange now includes location aware feature http://bit.ly/1ZheXS http://myloc.me/s6rb

  6. 6 cletis

    Rather than utilizing any of the number of existing ways to send somebody my contact info (such as the built-in vCard export to email detailed above by Joe), I should instead download an app which apparently exists solely to collect and store contact information for as many SmartPhone users as can be duped into submitting it? Okay, I’ll get right on that. Would you like my SSN and DL number as well?

  7. 7 Joe Beaulaurier

    @cletis - I really doubt there’s any reason for worry that dubmenow is merely collecting contact information here. There are much simpler ways and they have a viable business plan so why ruin it? No need for foil hats here methinks.

  8. 8 Karen M.

    I’ve been using rmBrme for awhile now. http://rmbrme.com/ I think after reading the article above that most of features that Dubmenow has, was already done by rmBrme before. And if you’ve seen the Apple commercial, Bump Technologies has a cool fun app to exchange info as well. http://www.bumptechnologies.com/

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