Griffin Six Giveaway - Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials

Griffin Technology and BlackBerry Cool are giving away some great accessories each week. For 6 weeks, we’ll be giving away prize packages and all you have to do is comment. Each week’s prize package will be different and on the 6th week we’re giving away a grand prize.

For the first week, we’ll be giving away a great package for all you BlackBerry Storm users.

Griffin is giving away 3 BlackBerry Storm prize packages which include:

Elan Form for BlackBerry Storm
BlackBerry Screen Care Kit (for Storm)

To be one of the three winners of this prize package, just comment what you like about your BlackBerry Storm.

Feel free to participate on Twitter too. Just ReTweet this story and add the hashtag #BlackBerryStorm

Meet Griffin Technology on Twitter too.

Next week, we’ll announce the winners and present that week’s prize package. Next week is for BlackBerry Bold users.

51 Responses to “Griffin Six Giveaway - Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials”

  1. 1 Ramón Gómez Toledo

    I Like everything of my storm!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 MetsFanVI

    I love the push e-mail and the ability to type one-handed with SureType.

  3. 3 Jean Rivera

    Nice GiveAways. Hope I win.

  4. 4 Squirrel Queen

    I love most everything about my Storm, especially the camera.

  5. 5 Jack Allen

    Sure could use these!

  6. 6 @ngel

    SurePress and touchscreen! What else? :)

  7. 7 Dana

    What I love about my Blackberry Storm is the touch screen for typing, because pressing each key like a button keeps me from making silly typos. I also love taking pictures in landscape view!

  8. 8 adam

    My storm is way better then any phone out their! I went against all my beliefs and bought my brother and sister an Iphone 3G and their is no comparison in the two ( storm) my loads everything way faster! But of coarse here in pueblo at&t don’t have 3G so the storm kicks butt!!!

  9. 9 Randy A.

    I like the screen size and also the games that are Storm only.

  10. 10 Dan R

    I love the click screen, I actually think that is what addicts me the most. Apart from that, you have the HUGE screen to play videos and browse sites easily, great typing interface (although a little slow, can be improved by a few tweaks). As Randy A. said before, I love the storm exclusive games, they are genius!! Accelerometer games like Freddy Falling and Wrath are my favourites. A slightly odd one, but I actually like the fact that I have had to do so much work on this phone to work the way I like! It’s almost like I have my own unique Storm, with it’s settings and apps. Overall, LOVE it :)

  11. 11 lb

    i like the full keyboard that works vertical now! Also the amazing camera.

  12. 12 Jim

    I really like having a bigger screen for reading emails and such.

  13. 13 Edward Chang

    I love that the Storm allows me to select what I want and tap on the screen so I don’t make typing mistakes, before actually pushing down on the screen

  14. 14 mike pags

    I like the clickiness.

  15. 15 Greg Mancini

    I love my storms for its screen size and clarity. The software programs that I use are great as well. I love the fact that I can upgrade the phones OS and try out new stuff on it.

  16. 16 Derek Williams

    What I love about my Storm - what isn’t there to love? The touch screen is great and gives you the entire screen to work with your apps on. Have had mine since December and haven’t had issue one with it, been extremely dependable. It’s a Blackberry and you have to love the fact that it is not an IPhone. My Storm is my first Blackberry and definitely will not be my last…it has hooked me on using a Blackberry from here on out.

  17. 17 John Williams

    I would love to win a Storm as I do not have 1 but love to compare it to my Bold!

  18. 18 Redzapper

    Screen size, layout and tilt feature - makes creating themes a ton of fun!

  19. 19 DavidB

    My Storm camera is great (for a phone cam) and YouTube for Storm makes watching videos on its huge screen a dream.

  20. 20 Justin

    I love SurePress. I really like the differentiation between selection and action.

  21. 21 Marc Uydess

    I love the click screen and how easy it is to sync with iTunes and listen to my music.

  22. 22 murphythadog

    What I like about my Storm? I like that the screen real estate, it’s got more real estate than Donald Trump. I like the sure type when in portrait, it predicts my typing better than Miss Cleo. I like the audio it sounds better than Susan Boyle on qualudes. I like the size and weight, although a little on the chunky side, it’s not as whiny as those girls on More to Love.

  23. 23 kerry

    i like it’s versatility and the look

  24. 24 david

    The storm is awesome! I love the touch screen and also the camera rocks!

  25. 25 Anthony Cathey

    My Storm has nearly replaced my laptop. From Twitter to Facebook to e-mail to GPS.

  26. 26 Sarah

    I love my husband’s Storm and might just have to get one for myself!

  27. 27 area52

    I think the better question is what dont I like about my storm. The only thing I dont like is the fact that I’m paranoid to drop it. Other than that I love this phone and everything it does.

  28. 28 DesignJoe

    I really enjoy the tactile feedback of the touchscreen! At first I thought it would be a nuisance, but after a bit of use… I can’t imagine it not ‘clicking’ when I press the screen!

    Thanks for the great news & tips! Best!

  29. 29 rushringleader

    The clicking screen makes it the best touchscreen device to type on. Period

  30. 30 Juan

    all the Beery has to Offer plus it’s sexy being a touchscreen yeow look at all the Ladies lining up to touch…..

  31. 31 oskaru

    I have admired the form factor of the storm when it first came out and still enjoy it today, quite unique from other devices in the BB family. As for the OS it’s a BB what can you not love about it? The innovative sure-press feel is awesome, and most of all I have apps that are for functional daily operations for personal and work, which is essential when out of the office. I’m a crackberry lover!

  32. 32 Diann

    I like the screen size. Each OS upgrade makes it better.

  33. 33 Lou W

    I love the size of the screen, the click of the screen, the call quality and of course the excellent BB email experience!

  34. 34 Dofang

    That massive, crisp, clean screen is stunning. Better to watch videos on it than on my iPod!

  35. 35 John Williams

    I’d tell you how much I like the Storm over the Bold if you would be generous to give me one to experience!

  36. 36 Sturta

    I like the large amount of screen real estate the Storm has. Makes viewing EVERYTHING better!

  37. 37 Peter M

    There are so many things I love about my Storm. The touchscreen, accelerometer, suretype, tons of great apps, themes and games. I get to tweak the OS to make it my own, making all my friends envious. My Storm is a fun, ever-changing, essential toy.

  38. 38 Dan Pelletier

    What I love about my Storm is that it’s Canada-weather resistant…Although the Elan form would definately help ;)

    Here’s my story: I got my new Storm on launch day (last Dec), put it in a case (that wasnt meant for it) and walked to work. For us crazy Canucks who remember, December was very slushy and as (bad)luck would have it, my brand new baby fell out of the case.

    Apparently, Someone walking behind me found it covered in slush on the sidewalk, but was still in working order. Luckily, I had already put my contact info on the lock screen and that person contacted me right away.

    When I got the phone, although the screen was still a bit wet, it was still in perfect working order.

    Storm 1 - Slushy Canadian weather 0!

  39. 39 barrypak (Aamir Barry)

    Griffin Six Giveaway - Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials

  40. 40 Carmen Carpino

    This case for the Storm looks amazing, I hope I end up winning one that would be cool. I also due for a new screen protector.

  41. 41 Paul

    I love the big screen i can read plan files and actually see things

  42. 42 rorshach17

    I like the high-contrast Precision theme; the customizability (I have 3 web browsers!); the removable battery and memory and SIM; I like that it’s not an IPhone.

  43. 43 Sturta (Matthew Sturtevant)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Griffin Six Giveaway - Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials #BlackBerryStorm

  44. 44 Steve Stewart

    Call me crazy but i love the click screen. The other day i walked into a mac store and picked up an iPhone and was instantly frustrated because i wanted to push the screen down. LOL.

  45. 45 developar

    I like it as the first BB to have full touch display !

    I would like to have one

  46. 46 Brandon

    I love the sleek curvy design! it looks great!

  47. 47 Jeff Summers

    I like having a full screen Blackberry at times, like when reading news articles, but then being able to, with the swipe of a finger, have a keyboard pop up with SmartType. It’s the best of both world depending on your need!

  48. 48 Jon Cowie

    I loves my storm, best phone ever!

  49. 49 Richard Cuttler

    I love the big touchscreen.

  50. 50 Christopher Ried

    I really like the professional atmosphere of the storm.

  51. 51 Tiffany

    I have the BOLD and it’s fits me well b/c I am very BOLD. The BOLD makes a statement just in it’s appearance alone and so do I!!!!!

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