Mac OSx Pro Edition BlackBerry theme with Stacks on sale

The Mac OS user experience is one element where Mac trumps PC and it’s nice to have it on your BlackBerry. This Mac OSx Pro Edition these comes with Mac Stacks, the feature in your Dock which allows you to easily access applications and documents (seen in the above screenshot).

This theme has been recently updated and the latest features include:

  • New Incoming Call Wallpaper (- Large Phone)
  • AppMenu now includes Date and Carriers Name
  • Larger ToolBar in AppScreen Menu to accommodate Date and Carriers Name

Also, some highlights you’ll find in this theme include:

  • Stack brings up 6 additional Icons Just click to bring up and hide
  • QuickLaunch App integration allows you to free up your sidekeys for additional apps (Sold Separately)
  • Hidden Dock allows you to show off your wallpaper without the clutter of icons
  • Weather App integration must be your 1st app on your app screen.

Purchase the Mac OSx Pro Edition BlackBerry theme for $0.99 until August 16th (regularly $2.99).

For QuickLaunch integration, purchase QuickLaunch for $4.99.

For a good weather app, purchase BerryWeather for $9.95.

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  1. 1 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Mac OSx Pro Edition BlackBerry theme with Stacks on sale

  2. 2 dave

    just downloaded for my sprint tour - 99 cents! - it’s beautiful, a bit sluggish but i also didn’t pull the battery yet…love how it shows messages and calendar items when i scroll over them, very useful…

  1. 1 BlackBerry

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