Nokia VP talking smack about RIM too early

On Wednesday, Microsoft and Nokia announced an alliance to bring enterprise software to smartphones. The move is an explicit targeting of RIM’s core business and dominance in the smartphone market.

The alliance looks good on paper with Microsoft Office representing the vast majority of office software, and Nokia representing the majority of global handsets. Nokia’s VP, Robert Andersson, has already started calling out RIM.

“This is giving some of our competitors — let’s spell it out, RIM — a run for their money,” said Nokia executive vice-president Robert Andersson, in a telephone interview. “I don’t think BlackBerry has seen the kind of competition we can provide them now.”

The alliance will make Microsoft Office readily available on Nokia devices and provide greater integration of Microsoft products into Nokia devices.

So what does this mean for BlackBerry? Well it isn’t obvious just yet. Microsoft products are already easily viewed on a BlackBerry, and there are a host of options for users creating, editing and sharing Microsoft products from their BlackBerry device. So far, the alliance is boasting that the Nokia E-Series will now be imbued with the following features:

  • The ability to view, edit, create and share Office documents on more devices in more places with mobile-optimized versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft OneNote
  • Enterprise instant messaging and presence, and optimized conferencing and collaboration experience with Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile
  • Mobile access to intranet and extranet portals built on Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Enterprise device management with Microsoft System Center

The number of organizations that use the E-Series device is relatively small in North America and the above features are easily implemented in organizations that use BlackBerry. While there may be some cost savings on the software side for organizations, it isn’t enough incentive for an organization to change their entire device structure.


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  1. 1 moog

    meh…Nokia is failing all over the place, and still looking for WM to be a truly effective enterprise option.

  2. 2 Robert

    Yeah, I’m sure RIM is quaking in their boots. NOT!

    Nokia has a rep for great multimedia phones. RIM has the rep for world-class business devices. Looking to the other’s genre for some new customers is one thing, but declaring war in an arena that’s not your strong suit is dumb. Reminds me of what Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners said about iPhone users and the soon-to-be-launched Palm Pre: “Not one of those people will still be using an iPhone a month later.” I guess anyone can say stupid stuff and be quoted these days, huh?

  3. 3 MobileAdmin

    What everyone seems to forget is enterprise support has little to do with the device. BES is what makes Blackberry so dominate in corporate america. No one has equaled that level of control and RIM keeps piling on features. To grasp the difference RIM is now out with BES 5 and iPhone is offering features that were available in BES 3.6.

    In 10+ years of supporting mobile devices I have never seen anyone using a Nokia device. You see less and less Windows Mobile devices as well and frankly unless your a small business / no budget hardly anyone that is serious about mobility as a enterprise platform is using just ActiveSync.

    So to summerize:

    Blackberry already has office document support, works with communicator just fine and renders SharePoint pretty good. WickiSoft has a great app if you really want SharePoint intergration.

  4. 4 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Nokia VP talking smack about RIM too early

  5. 5 luca35101056 (luca cuchi)

    Nokia VP talking smack about RIM too early

  6. 6 tabebuia (tabebuia)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Nokia VP talking smack about RIM too early

  7. 7 AlanMoote (Alan Moote)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Nokia VP talking smack about RIM too early - Nokia losing ground and cred. This isn’t the end game.

  8. 8 rvavalera (Valera)

    RT: @BlackBerryCool: Nokia VP talking smack about RIM too early

  9. 9 takesea (Takeshi Nishimoto)

    MS?????????????????????????ZUNE??WindowsMobile??????????RT @BlackBerryCool: Nokia VP talking smack about RIM too early

  10. 10 Eric P

    10+ years of supporting mobile devices and you have never seen anyone using Nokia?
    Nokia sells ~480 000 000 devices in one year and produces 13 devices each second. You should probably open your eyes…

    And Nokia has also office document support already… Share point is the big thing in this deal. BB can’t atm. compete with Share Point support and with this deal Nokia is gets big advantage.

    And Nokia E-series (the business series) is atm. beating N-series in sales… E71 is a huge success, E72 is coming and it’s going to probably crush all records.

  11. 11 Dean

    I hope someone else comes up with something to challenge blackberry because blackberry is a dead end, their phones are really starting to suck and the design is becoming (yawn) redundant!

  12. 12 Ashley Armitt

    Here we are on the Merry Go Round again….. yet another “BlackBerry Killer”.

    Let’s not speculate and wait for the proof.

    The probability of this announcement impacting RIM severely ? Well there have been hundreds of these over the years so do the maths.

    I agree with @Mobileadmin, it will have to be something super duper fantastic to make org’s change skill sets, software, support centres, policies and procedures that are well cemented in an organisation with BlackBerry over to the MS/Nokia love afair.

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