Remember to upgrade your AT&T BlackBerry Bold OS today

If you haven’t already updated your BlackBerry Bold to OS, you’re missing out! With the latest OS update, you get a number of enhancements including:

  • General handset optimizations.
  • The ability for the user to manually select whether they want their smartphone to connect to either 2G and 3G networks, depending on availability, or to connect to only to 2G networks.
  • A download icon for AT&T’s Visual Voicemail service, plus a variety of additional icons for applications including MobiTV, Mobile Banking, Tetris and Scrabble.

To update your Bold OS, go to Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update or visit the official AT&T download page and update your OS with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.


15 Responses to “Remember to upgrade your AT&T BlackBerry Bold OS today”

  1. 1 RM

    what is “general handset optimizations”? I’m running .282 (rogers) but before i upgrade (since 282 has VVM and 2/3g selection) anyone know what i am missing with this new AT&T .297 build?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. 2 M

    progress stuck at 0% on blackberry. Also have a mac so cannot get the desktop software. any advice?

  3. 3 Joe M

    Bad link

  4. 4 Scott217 (Scott Troehler)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Remember to upgrade your ATT BlackBerry Bold OS today

  5. 5 Tuggboat (Tugg Ledbetter)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Remember to upgrade your ATT BlackBerry Bold OS today @arbgal

  6. 6 arbgal (Amber Ledbetter)

    RT @TuggBoat: RT @BlackBerryCool: Remember to upgrade your ATT BlackBerry Bold OS today @arbgal IDK what u r talking ab

  7. 7 poilmb (poil mb)

    RT @BlackBerryCool Remember to upgrade your ATT BlackBerry Bold OS today

  8. 8 rvavalera (Valera)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Remember to upgrade your ATT BlackBerry Bold OS today

  9. 9 Kevin J

    Why does every update require every app to be re-setup? Everything that has a user name associated or security settings requires this process. So does the Enterprise Activation to connect to a BES server. This make a short process take hours for updates. Very aggravating to have to do this with each OS upgrade.

  10. 10 RM

    @ Kevin J

    I agree- even you use the DM trick to back up your apps you still have to hunt through for your license codes.

    I think a lot of BlackBerry sites do a great job providing the new os’s but I would like to see a Cnet type rating system on each. like an editors rating for speed, stability, new features etc etc along with same but from end users. i had .282 which had visual voice mail so i didnt have to upgrade (and didn’t) but if i find out on forums such as this one I might be compelled to do an upgrade.

  11. 11 Jeremy

    The upgrade works pretty flawless to me. Some nice key improvements:
    - App memory is increased. After a hard reset (aka: battery pull), free app memory was 25MB before the upgrade. After upgrading to x.297, free app memory is 42MB.
    - It’s already mentioned above, but the ability to switch to 2G (EDGE) sure is nice. Note: unfortunately, you can’t change from 3G to 2G (and vice versa) without service disruption. I was hoping it’ll be seamless. But if you’re on the phone call, for example, the call will be dropped during the swap.
    - I haven’t tested it yet, but operating in 2G has a great potential of increasing battery life.
    - There’s a folder for “Instant Messaging,” similar to the one on Curve 8900. I hide this folder since I personally find it useless. I prefer my BB Messenger, GoogleTalk icons, etc. to be on the main page.
    - Not sure if this is categorized as improvement, but there’s a bunch of “bloatware.” In the “Download” folder, there are new icons that will direct you to the browser to download Pacman, Tetris, MobiTV, etc. Anybody knows how to get rid of these crapware shortcuts?

  12. 12 Jeremy

    And oh, how could it forget:
    - Holding the BB button allows to switch between application. Very nice! Now I can really operate my Bold with one hand.

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