Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Bold case

Last week, we ran the first in a 6 week series of contests by Griffin Technology. For 6 weeks, we’ll be giving away prize packages and all you have to do is comment. Each week’s prize package will be different and on the 6th week we’re giving away a grand prize.

The winners from last week are:

  • Derek Williams - Good roundup of Storm benefits.
  • Murphythadog - “I like that the screen real estate, it’s got more real estate than Donald Trump.”
  • Dan R - “I love the storm exclusive games, they are genius!”

This week, we’re giving away 3 Elan Clips for BlackBerry Bold.

In honor of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700, which is essential the Bold 2, comment what features you would like to see improved on the current BlackBerry Bold 9000.

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Next week, we’ll announce the winners and present that week’s prize package. Next week is for BlackBerry Pearl users.

35 Responses to “Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Bold case”

  1. 1 Devan

    Personally I’d like to see the battery door improved which it looks like it has been. The camera can always be improved and it looks like they’ve done that too! All around I think the 9700 is an awesome device and definitely an upgrade for the Bold.

  2. 2 Erick Diaz

    I would like to win this case!!! :-) Thank you BlackBerry Cool!!!

  3. 3 Jeremy

    Improvements on the Blackberry Bold.
    1. Run apps from the memory card!!!!
    2. Browser. I guess I have to wait until next summer.
    3. More base memory. 128Mb > 512Mb. The other units are coming with 256Mb and the Bold is supposed to be the flagship qwerty device, therefore it should have more than the other devices.
    4. The Trackpad looks neat, but I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet…
    5. The Accelerometer would be a nice feature…

  4. 4 Pink2

    I would like to see:

    1. The application memory usage improved
    2. No trackball
    3. Being able to store unused themes and apps on media card for easier access
    4. Not so many sample files that you can’t delete without 3rd party apps

    I absolutely love my Bold and would love to win this clip!!!

  5. 5 AYKing

    Features I’d like to improve on my Bold:
    1. More RAM please! Really. I hate seeing “Application Memory Free Space: 1.3MB).
    2. Better camera (those 3.2MP Auto-Focus looks good for posting pics on twitter!)
    3. Trackpad (so no more taking apart the entire thing to clean the trackball every so often)

  6. 6 James L

    More RAM definitely.
    More battery power.
    Better camera
    Atomic trackball

  7. 7 Ariel

    I would like to see:

    1. Better battery life
    2. Better camera
    3. Better memory management and overall more RAM

  8. 8 Hank

    I’d like to see:

    more application memory
    a bigger screen (480×360)
    replace trackball with D-pad/trackpad

  9. 9 Tashanna

    I would like to see an improvement in Battery Life and more internal memory

  10. 10 Oliver

    1. More application memory
    2. Install/Run apps from Flash/SD Card
    3. Better switch on/off + profile on/off support for GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth


  11. 11 Justin Bonnot

    Ability to run apps from Memory Card
    Better memory usage

    Overall very pleased with my Bold

  12. 12 Chris

    Improvemnets for the new Bold

    5mp Camera
    Smaller form
    Battery life
    Speaker phone needs to be louder
    and to get off AT&T

  13. 13 EA

    I’d like to see more RAM, better camera and of course UMA.

  14. 14 Tim

    I would like to see:

    - improved battery life.
    - improved browser support — for non blackberry browsers.
    - better integration with gmail for BIS users.

  15. 15 redzapper

    Better memory management and better battery life.

  16. 16 David N

    Besides the browser, I think the battery life should be improved!

  17. 17 Brant M

    It’s time the Bold gets a camera update with Auto focus and at a bare minimum 3.2 mp.

  18. 18 BigSluggo

    Battery life is always a killer with 3G. Would be nice to see that in conjunction with the browsing experience. That and maybe more RIM-sponsored theme offerings as well.

  19. 19 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Bold case

  20. 20 bbbaddict (Pink2)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Bold case

  21. 21 sikencide (Chris Rosa)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Bold case #BlackBerryStorm. Nice hope I win.

  22. 22 Diane

    would love to win a case for my BOLD

    I would like to see a better OS system that improves memory and battery life.

    Better Battery life

    alternative to the track ball that get stuck after 6mos of use

    Not sure if this is a Bold issue or an AT&T issues but eliminate drop call when I get text or emails or no appearent reason at all

    I think all these could be improved on, but I would not have any other phone then my Blackberry Bold!!!

    Thanks Blackberry cool for this awesome opportunity to win this case for my bold!!!!

  23. 23 iskandar_ahmat (Iskandar Ahmat)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Bold case

  24. 24 ted

    I’d like to see a better camera of course. But more than anything I’d like the Memory manager to be improved, let’s see something that reallocates the free memory right away rather than have to wait for a reset. :) anyone using Viigo will know what I mean. Lol!

  25. 25 dfenz (Sjon)

    #blackberrystorm BlackBerryCool: Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Bold case

  26. 26 Allendf

    -More RAM
    -Higher resolution camera
    -More internal memory for apps
    -Longer Batter Life
    -Quicker connection to GPS satellites

    It’s a great smartphone, but the above would be wonderful changes.

  27. 27 Neel

    7.2mbps or faster data connection please, my network has supported this speed for over a year now and will upgrade soon!
    Also a browser that can deal with these speeds would be good.

  28. 28 @ngel

    Battery life and a slimmer form!

  29. 29 ahmerz

    I like to see a better camera in Bold2

  30. 30 a.wilson

    I would like to see apps run from the memory card, more base memory, no trackball, ability to store unused apps on media card, better camera, better battery life and quicker boot time.

  31. 31 Jeremy McCraw

    I love my mold, but there are things that make me crazy

    1. More RAM, More RAM, More RAM. If my oldschool Palm Tungsten T could run and store apps on memory cards, than my phone should be able to without a hitch
    2. Wi-Fi Voip support
    3. Better power management
    4. A Safari-like brower that supports Flash or a Flash workaround
    5. Better Camera phone, if you’re not going to push up the Megapixels, at least punch up the colors, speed up the AF (I mean its next to useless) and get some better contrast.

  32. 32 Brian

    Better camera, better battery life, more app memory

  33. 33 Moishe Kreisman

    Louder speakerphone
    Capability of subtasks in Task Mgr
    Better file manager/viewer

  34. 34 murphythadog

    Hey I won something.

  35. 35 Diane

    Whohooo I won…Thanks blackberrycool!

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