Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Pearl case

Time for the next entry in our 6 week series of contests by Griffin Technology. For 6 weeks, we’ll be giving away prize packages and all you have to do is comment. Each week’s prize package will be different and on the 6th week we’re giving away a grand prize.

The winners from last week are:

  • Jeremy
  • Diane
  • Allendf

This week, we’re giving away 3 FlexGrips for BlackBerry Pearl.

To win, comment what you like about your BlackBerry Pearl.

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Next week, we’ll announce the winners and present that week’s prize package. Next week is for BlackBerry Curve users.

19 Responses to “Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Pearl case”

  1. 1 Durbin007

    dudes, finally some new love for my pearl 8120. I still think the Pearl is an underrated BlackBerry. I can type as fast on it as i can on my old 8700 and it fits into any pocket i want. it’s hard to find a better BlackBerry for me out there yet.

  2. 2 Zed

    Completely echoing Durbin007, some love for the pearl! I’m still running the 8100, haha. For me, I love the form factor. Don’t get me wrong, I used the Bold and fell in love with it, however, I find myself going back to the Pearl simply because of its form factor. Love it’s size, and very true, I can type as fast as I could on it compared to my Bold!

  3. 3 Rey

    mine is a pearl 8100 running on os 4.2.1. Indeed, the pearl is underrated…and I don’t even have a data plan yet my beloved pearl surely turns heads. It’s both sleek and slick yet simple and not intimidating to use. the expanded memory gives me room to enjoy reading a favorite book (currently, it’s east of eden by john steinbeck), have episodes of csi miami and entourage, an 80’s compilation, a u2 album, and pics of my dear friends and family(i only have a gb microsdcard. These and all the apps, both free and purchased, just puts a big smile on my face. Oh, my boss who has an iphone envies the fact that my simple pearl can copy paste :)And I used to enjoy free internet by the way thru WAP until wifey got jealous so i had to change carriers. Lest I forget, the humble trackball that can sport different colors. In addition, I will have to agree with the typing. Did anybody mention predictive typing? :) too many things I love about the pearl. But wifey is calling me now so I gotta go. Love my Pearl!!!!

  4. 4 blane

    I love my Pearl because it fits in the side pocket of my cargo pants:)

  5. 5 artie

    It would be easier to note what I don’t like about it; device memory. Everything else is Great. The typing is wonderful, one click for vibrate excelent, fits in my pocket practical, one click sleep WOW, etc, etc…..

  6. 6 Steve Rochford

    I love the pearl because of the form factor. The size to functionality ratio is completely insane. I hope RIM keeps this form factor on the drawing board for a new device, it would be so awesome to see a “Pearl 2″ come out.

  7. 7 Horatio3k

    I love having my email, contacts and web all right in my hand with my Pearl.

  8. 8 Jennifer Gerena

    Once you go Blackberry, you never go back. I have/love everything I need on my BB Pearl 8110: mp3 and videos (thank God for the memory card), e-mail, camera w/ a good resolution, Internet, Facebook/Twitter/etc. applications, Pandora Radio, WLive Messenger, Google maps… I even use my Pearl as a modem with my laptop… what else can I ask for? =) and more important, the battery life of my BB is great!

    Definitely, <3 my Pearl!

  9. 9 DavidB

    My wife loves her Pearl for its sleek size that easily fits in her pocket.

  10. 10 agustinps (Agustin Puente S.)

    RT @tweetmeme Six Weeks of BlackBerry Essentials: win a BlackBerry Pearl case | BlackBerry Cool

  11. 11 Jim Balogh

    Yes! That is an awesome case for my Pearl 8130! I like the design and the simplicity of it as well. This case would surely help to show it off in style.

    The Pearl doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves. It’s a powerful tool in a compact design. It does all the things my friends Curve does, just in a smaller package. It goes unnoticed in my pocket and doesn’t weigh you down at all. The availability of apps for the phone is really stellar as well. I know there are a lot of new ones coming out for the newer BB’s, but this phone has a great track history and a long time on the road, so there’s a lot that’s been written for it.

    All in all, a great phone!

  12. 12 Brendan Gow

    I like the ball in the middle of the phone!!!

  13. 13 Gilad Cohen

    I love my Pearl because it’s the sexiest phone on Earth. It also makes my work a whole lot easier. During this restructuring phase of the non-profit I work for, the office has relocated itself to my apartment. Although it’s nice, sometimes I just need to get out! My Pearl lets me do that. I can answer all our organization’s emails while having a coffee, exercising at the gym or anywhere else I am when I’m not feeling like working from home. Total life-saver.

  14. 14 @ngel

    I really like this case and is the very first time I come across it. I adore my pearl and such a case would certainly make it look like new! I think that the pearl is one of the best Blackberries due to its size!

  15. 15 Matt Perkins

    My wife has a Pearl and I know she would love this case for it.

  16. 16 Navid

    I love the pearl’s size, it is small and thin. It has all the pros of other blackberry’s without it’s bulky size. The keyboard is surprising accurate on guessing most words and allows you to type faster than a full qwerty keyboard.

  17. 17 Scott

    I like the Pearl because it has all the functionality of a BlackBerry but without the bulk. A new case, however, would be great!

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