Slacker Radio now available for BlackBerry Storm users


Slacker is now available for BlackBerry Storm users! The new and improved version is available on all channels including the BlackBerry Cool store and it’s also available on App World.

One of the best features included in this latest update is that the battery life has been greatly improved while streaming music.

Here is a breakdown of the features you’ll find in the latest update:

  • Improved battery life up to 2x (over previous versions) while streaming (Slacker has seen Storm devices playing up to 9 hours over 3G with this build)
  • Improved usability enhancements to the interface, including a “Home” button to quickly access the station list
  • Added ability to toggle the explicit content filter (on/off) from the main menu
  • Addressed an issue where pausing a song for an extended period of time did not properly resume playback
  • Addressed an issue where phone calls or message alerts would prevent playback from resuming properly for some listeners

Download Slacker for the BlackBerry Storm.

6 Responses to “Slacker Radio now available for BlackBerry Storm users”

  1. 1 DavidB

    Slacker isn’t NEW to the Storm with this update. This improves it on the Storm but isn’t a “now available” as stated.

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Slacker Radio now available for BlackBerry Storm users

  3. 3 Randy A.

    DavidB you beat me to it. Was going to say the same thing. I’ve been using Slacker on my Storm for a couple of months.

  4. 4 luca35101056 (luca cuchi)

    Slacker Radio now available for BlackBerry Storm users

  5. 5 CJ

    How is this a new version? I’ve had it on my Storm for over a month.

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