SpoofApp giving away 25 PINS with free minutes

SpoofApp is one of the more controversial apps going around today. The app lets users disguise their caller ID, change their voice and record their calls which can be played back, downloaded or shared with friends via social networks or email.

After 192 days, Apple rejected SpoofApp, citing:

“We’ve reviewed SpoofApp and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App Store at this time because it allows users to anonymously make calls and/or wrongly identifies the caller ID of the phone (known as Caller ID spoofing). We have chosen to not publish this type of application to the App Store.” - iPhone Developer Program

Well BlackBerry users don’t have to worry about Steve Jobs raining on their parade. SpoofApp is giving away 25 free PINS loaded with minutes to try out their service.

To win, all you have to do is comment. In light of SpoofApp not being available in the App Store, and being allowed to flourish in App World, tell us what advantages BlackBerry has over the iPhone.

UPDATE: Thanks for participating! The winners will be emailed with a pin.

55 Responses to “SpoofApp giving away 25 PINS with free minutes”

  1. 1 Valmore


    The most remarkable adventage that BlackBerry has over the iPhone is referred to email handling and of course, the RIM device is all open in comparition to the iPhone that is a device that puts limints to user at time of applications.


  2. 2 TA

    IPhone sucks!! the BB is much better because you can keep applications open and/or running when not in use.

  3. 3 Joe M

    Sounds like a great app to prank your colleagues with. No BS politics with Blackberries unlike the iPhone and Steve.

  4. 4 Nick

    Sweet contest. The main thing I would say that BlackBerry has over the iPhone is the security. The iPhone has been trying to get into the secure business game, but it has recently showed with the sms hack that it is not right for every level of business use. The second thing that BlackBerry has, and the thing that made me choose it, is the e-mail forwarding. It is light fast. I edit a message and mark it unread, or forward a message to my BB from my computer, and about three to five seconds later I have it on my phone.

  5. 5 AdamR

    SpoofApp is a great app to be able to have on a blackberry!
    Blackberrys are so much better than iphone in every way possible. Iphone are for kids, blackberrys are for real men and women. They can do everthing needed, and not just play games.

    Blackberry swims circles around iphone.
    I hope I can get spoofapp!

  6. 6 walt

    here is my comment for the spoofapp…

  7. 7 Ron Hudson

    Blackberry trumps Iphone in openness! Shocker! Apple has built it’s brand in a high profile closed garden in a gated community. You pay premium to get in the community, and you only get to play in the garden on their terms and only approved apps are allowed to grow and flourish there. Now doesn’t everybody feel happy and safe?? Blackberry is for the real world where rubber meets the road and things need to get done no matter how dirty or rough it may get. It’s not a vacation toy rental car, but a daily work horse. It’s precisely that environment that makes things like SpoofApp possible! Sure it’s a toy, and it’s not getting any “work” accomplished. It may not be “classy” but it’s fun as heck! And I don’t have to worry about any appleite iphone snooty pants thumbing his nose at how I have my fun!

    ps. After waxing so eloquent I certainly deserve one of those pins :)

  8. 8 Cynthia

    ok please pick my cause I’m confuse with bluffmycall

  9. 9 Lisa

    Blackberry already has an advantage over iPhone because a blackberry user can use whichever company provides service and is not limited to AT&T. It seems every time we turn around iPhone is limiting the aps they are willing to allow their users access to. Blackberry doesn’t have as many aps yet but they are not nearly as restricting.

  10. 10 Jake

    I hate how Apple is so closed and controlling…

  11. 11 Cynthia

    ok please pick me cause I’m confused with bluffmycall

  12. 12 Cherese

    BLACKBERRY is a better business phone. Iphone is for games and playing on the web. BlackBerry has way more app opportunities and works much better for email! Now, all we need is the Spoof App and we’ll be in business!

  13. 13 Jake

    I hate how controlling Apple is!

  14. 14 Sasha Speck

    Do I even need to go into the many advantages? It’s a BLACKBERRY, folks!

  15. 15 Aaron

    Blackberry smart phones allow developers to share their programs outside of a corporation’s control policies without requiring users to first hack their phones. The user should be in control of what they would like on the device they purchased. Apple’s policies would be like a car company telling you you are not allowed to install XM radio or paint your car red; ridiculous!

    Also, a HUGE advantage a Blackberry users have over iPhone users is that we(and more importantly, ME(soon)) have access to this amazing application!

  16. 16 Ray

    Seems that everything Apple does makes you get “married” to it, and force you to pay expensive apps, peripherals, etc, whereas RIM actually encourages free-thinking development. Hands down prefer BB over Iphone…

  17. 17 Bangala

    My 2 cents here for “Spoofy” :-)

  18. 18 Vlek Norris

    I have had a problems with Apple from WAY back, I refuse to buy anything Apple. I had a moment of weakness and was actually looking at the IPhone. Then I realized that it didn’t support Stereo over Bluetooth (A2DP). Which would have made my Motorola HT820’s useless. Can you imagine making a music device that doesn’t support stereo? Only Apple could do something so dumb. Anyways I got a Curve 8900 instead, which I think is one of my best purchases ever.


  19. 19 Gary Lafollette

    This goes to show yet another advantage that blackberry users have over iphone! Freedom of choice, and being treated like a responsible adult who would see and use spoof call for its intended purpose- PURE FUN! Iphone users should be allowed to have fun also!

  20. 20 Nyce Daytona

    I would say that Blackberry has a higher resale value over the iphone hands down!

  21. 21 Brian D.

    I’d love to have some free minutes! Hook me up!

  22. 22 Chetan

    Thats awesome! Wow….this is like being undercover FBI agent :) LOL

  23. 23 Joe

    unlike the IPhone, blackberry’s application store isn’t crowded with useless 99 cent applications, nor is it filtered and beguiled by the loons over at AT&T/Apple who take it upon themselves to pick and choose what applications are available based on how much money it will make them (regardless of productivity and ingenuity, ..ahem, google voice).

  24. 24 Vanessà

    BLACKBERRY is the best email handling and communication device(s) around. IPhones do a lot but don’t do a lot well. At the end of the day I need to communicate effectively. Its a “need to have” - while entertainment is a secondary “nice to have”.

  25. 25 Jason A

    The blackberry is for communicating and conducting business, the iphone is a play thing.

  26. 26 anesone

    Wow, this is great. There are so many possibilities of what you can do with something like SpoofApp. Another plus in the BB is better than iPhone debate.

  27. 27 Noah Fingway

    Blackberry is much more open than the iPhone; huge advantage

  28. 28 jbanks

    The blackberry has a real keyboard that is capable of typing emails. The iphone is good for playing viva pinada touch and catching up on old episodes of hogans heros.

  29. 29 matt

    Obviously, email capabilities and push tecnologies are best with the BlackBerry. I believe the app approval process is better because RIM does not have to be as carrier specific with requests/concerns. AT&T really cripples the iPhone due to greed. I love my BlackBerry!

  30. 30 dave

    yahoo! very cool tool, love pranking my sons…

  31. 31 Shaun

    Well done Apple.

    This app would help me continue my Prank Calling Spree on the McInnes house.

  32. 32 @ngel

    This is great!!!

  33. 33 ben

    Iphone is a fisher price toy compared to a real tool such as blackberry. Messaging of course is central however not playing draconian is very nice.

  34. 34 chris

    had a 3GS for a mere 3days.. yes pretty ui but functionally and ease of use on my bb storm trumps iphone. my emails would take forever on iphone where as my storm was nearly instant even beats out my desktop client. i find it very easy to type on my storm and the iphone was all over the place. spoofapp looks amazing cant wait till try it..

  35. 35 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    SpoofApp giving away 25 PINS with free minutes http://bit.ly/bikoP

  36. 36 glockstar865 (Gary)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: SpoofApp giving away 25 PINS with free minutes http://bit.ly/bikoP

  37. 37 Sean D

    iPhone Sucks! Even the CEO of Apple uses a Blackberry, need I say more?

  38. 38 michelle

    I’ve tried both and the only one I still have is my blackberry

  39. 39 webchetan (webchetan)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: SpoofApp giving away 25 PINS with free minutes http://bit.ly/bikoP

  40. 40 Bob Wilkins

    So where are the free PIN’s? has anybody recieved one yet?

  41. 41 daveyThechin

    iphone suxs.. Berrys all the way!

  42. 42 Aaron

    I got a pin, and tried it out with my computer on spoofcard.com however, the blackberry app does not work correctly with my Tour. =(

  43. 43 nate

    @Aaron - what happens? Please contact us with some details.

  44. 44 Dereth

    Oh… I’d love to try this app out. :)

  45. 45 Euan McMillan

    I want to say that everything has good points and bad points, however the biggest advantage Blackberry has compared to the iPhone is that they sold me one!
    Just think their marketing worked, I could have bought either but the best man won!! So let this good man win the app that isn’t allowed to be used on the iPhone!
    Thanks for helping me as I helped you!

  46. 46 Nyce Daytona

    I received mine this morning!!!! I actually finally won a contest! Thanx Blackberrycool:)

  47. 47 DavidB

    iPhone is a nice toy in an Apple sort of way. ALl the reasons why I’d never buy a MA as my primary PC go into why a BlackBerry (and not an iPhone) is my primary (and secondary, I have two!) smartphone.

  48. 48 Andrew



    Looks like BB 5, iPhone 1 to me

  49. 49 Jun

    Blackberry rocks the Iphone cuz we have the Spoofapp and countless others that iphone doesn’t have.

  50. 50 leo

    Have I missed the boat? :/

    Was going to say how much I love my real blackberry keyboard compared to the iphone’s virtual one..

  51. 51 Ralph

    The iPhone is the most over rated phone ever! BB phones and app world are way better than any iPhone!

  52. 52 Ryun

    Blackberry = Serious phone for business/fun
    IPhone = Toy for elitist snobs who have to have Ieverything to be cool.

  53. 53 Jose

    The iPhone sucks. The app market is all controlled by apple when it should be user controlled. Screw apple!

  54. 54 tesha

    i think that the advantages are that blackberrys are more fancier and cooler nd easy too use nd iphones are always causeinq trouble like burning up nd overheatinqq

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