Top 10 themes for the BlackBerry Tour 9630


There aren’t many great themes available for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 just now. Developers are still catching up after the Plazmic CDK was found to be incompatible with the Tour. BlackBerry Cool has put together 10 of the best themes we could find for you to browse. If you know of others you like, feel free to comment.

iBerry 2.0 with Today Plus

This Today Plus version of iBerry 2.0 features all the functionality of a Today style theme, with a popup set of 5 customizable zen style icons at the bottom.

Purchase the iBerry 2.0 with Today Plus theme for $7.99.

Apple Leopard OSX

This version offers bigger icons with reflection; dock stays in place while you can change the backgrounds to whatever you like; user changeable icons, and others minor improvements.

Purchase the Apple Leopard OSX theme for $6.99.

Solar Slideshow

In this theme, 10 images combined of the sun and nine planets in the solar system rotate on your screen’s background. The image changes once per 30 minutes, so your device will continually look fresh with stunning celestial imagery.

Purchase the Solar Slideshow theme for $5.99.


iGlass theme features nice combination of a simple background with glassy (glossy) looking icons.

Purchase the iGlass theme for $7.99.

iBerry Pink Today Plus Theme

The iBerry Pink Today Plus theme is just like the iBerry theme only, you guess it, pink!

Purchase the iBerry Pink Today Plus theme $6.99.

Saltwater Theme

This animated theme has some tropical fish swimming around your homescreen. Keep your eyes open for special daily Easter Eggs.

Purchase the Saltwater theme for $6.99.

Windows Se7en

This theme is made to look like the Windows 7 OS with a few minor adjustments.

Purchase the Windows Se7en theme for $6.99.


This isn’t the nicest looking theme in our list but again, there isn’t much out there for the Tour.

The iWorld theme is available for $6.99.

9000 Beach Holiday

Feeling a little stressed out about work? Relax with a beach theme!

The Beach Holiday theme is available for $5.99.


FlowBerry is a theme based on the popular iTunes Cover Flow album system. Browse your applications in a slick and easy to use style.

Purchase the FlowBerry theme for $5.99.

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  1. 1 Palak Desai

    im sorry, but these themes suck…

  2. 2 dredd0606

    I agree, if I wanted a damn iphone, i would have bought a damn iphone!

  3. 3 Blantant bPlay Buttmunch

    Let’s be honest, this is nothing more than a blantant bPlay buttmunch session on BlackBerry Cools part. Strange thing is that none of the non-bplay themes actually show Tour compatibility. Hey wait, isn’t BlackBerry Cool part of the MobiHand network? Why the @$#@@ would they take up a whole article kissing the competitions butt with butt ugly themes? Is this a paid advertisement?

  4. 4 Demiroquai

    Yo, why do these screen shots show wifi? There is no wifi on the Tour.

  5. 5 Kyle

    @Palak - The Tour themes aren’t great. Like the post says, since the Plazmic botch, the really awesome themes like Elecite haven’t caught up.

    @Blatant - The post says we’re open to suggestions about other sources of themes.

    @Demiroquai - Because the developers probably took the screenshot on another device. The screenshots are to show you what they look like.

  6. 6 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Top 10 themes for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

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    Top 10 themes for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 (via @BlackBerryCool)

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  11. 11 Blantant bPlay Buttmunch


    The fact still remains that you are promoting themes that, based on the blogs at Crackberry, must have been made by a beta CDK and are substandard. This is not doing us or you a favor. I would strongly encourage you to rethink the idea of posting this. BTW I get the whole keyword thing and also realize that one of the major hits on Google right now are any posts with the words “BlackBerry Tour Themes”.

  12. 12 JWNY (JWNY)

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  13. 13 berryjunkies (berryjunkies)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Top 10 themes for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

  14. 14 dave

    sorry, but a few of these themes ARE really nice!! are you kidding? what are you looking for exactly?

    great post - thank you! exactly what i was looking for to keep tabs on tour themes and so would love to see it updated as they continue to roll out!

  15. 15 bblover


  1. 1 Pimpmyberry has Tour themes up......but for $7 a pop - BlackBerry Forums at

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