VQ CarFinder giving away 10 CarFinder Bundles

VQ CarFinder are giving away 10 VQ CarFiner Bundles through BlackBerry Cool and all you have to do is comment to win.

The application helps you remember where you parked your car by integrating a GPS-enabled BlackBerry with the car’s Bluetooth. As you drive, the application recognizes that the Bluetooth signal is on and tracks your GPS location. When you park you car and turn off the engine, the Bluetooth signal is cut, signaling to the application to mark your GPS location and therefore where you parked. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can buy a Bluetooth car charger from within the app for $19.99.

VQ Carfinder is available on a free trial and the full license is available for $9.99.

To win 1 of 10 bundles through BlackBerry Cool, tell us; “have you ever forgotten where you parked?”

On top of the BlackBerry Cool giveaway, VQ CarFinder is also running their “Lost My Car” contest where users can win 1 of 3 BlackBerry devices. Honourable mentions win $25 BBerry Accessory Store e-Gift Cards.

23 Responses to “VQ CarFinder giving away 10 CarFinder Bundles”

  1. 1 Andrew

    Yes, I have. And it was a 95 degree day outside, so the hours spent looking for it (it was in the one section of the lot where I was SURE I hadn’t parked) were not pleasant. And when I did find it, it had a flat tire :-)

  2. 2 Geran Smith

    I actually have to park in the same place all the time when I go somewhere, otherwise I will wander around holding the panic button trying to find my car. When I go somewhere new, I try and jot down the address and some landmarks to help me find my car when I come back. One time, I managed to scare some poor old lady with the alarm on my car. It was quite awkward when I saw her…

  3. 3 Rey


    such event could drive one NUTS!!!!

    Never again!!!

    crossing my fingers!

  4. 4 Tashanna

    Yes I have, and what made it worst was it was pouring raining outside. So I was actually stuck at the mall for quite for some time before I could search for the car. And in many other occasions of course.

  5. 5 Diane

    Parking lots can be confusing, especially if they are big and multiple (like around a mall or theme park).

    Once I had walked up and down each row of parking about half way around the mall trying to find my car…No fob to hit the panic button to sound alarm:( but I adventually found it.

    I have also heard a story of some relatives going to a theme park and they couldn’t find their car, they had to wait till every singel car was out of the parking lot before they found it…

    This app would be a nice thing to have to take 1 more worry off my plate!

  6. 6 Pink2

    Went to Disneyland in a borrowed car. When we went to leave we not only couldn’t remember where we parked, we didn’t remember what the car looked like. We had to call the owner and ask what the car looked like and then wait until everyone had left the park in order to find it.

  7. 7 Ray

    I do that all the time!. I have to ask mall security to drive me around all the time! I think I’m starting to also enjoy that!
    Nevertheless, if I win one one of these bundles I will stop! I promise! HAHAHAHA!!!

  8. 8 Jeremy

    I travel 3 weeks out of the month and always have a Rental car so losing my car is kind of a regular process!

  9. 9 Mike

    Try distinguishing your silver Toyota Corolla from the other thousand Corollas in every parking lot! My options are a) this app or b) to smash my back winsheild to distinuish it.

  10. 10 Mary

    Yes. I have parked it in NYC more than once only to walk away and realize that I didn’t make note of which block it was on. So aggravating!

  11. 11 DomConway

    I lose my car every time I park it near my house thanks to not having my own parking space. This would save me so much time every morning!

  12. 12 Jack Allen

    Oh,yes. I drive a white Impala.
    Need I say more???

  13. 13 Puplovinpilot

    I lose my car all the time especially when I travel and am searching for my car at the airport. I often do this at Wally world and the grocery store.

  14. 14 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    VQ CarFinder giving away 10 CarFinder Bundles http://bit.ly/1Z0LhU

  15. 15 alden martin

    Would love to get a copy. I do have a problem when it comes to finding a parked car

  16. 16 SaloMog

    There was this one time that I borrowed my roommates car, before I had my own, to go buy groceries. About 2 hours later when I came out of the store, I thought my roommates car had been stolen, since I couldn’t find it. I call the police, fill out a report, and the police officer was kind enough to give me a ride back to the apartment so I can give my roommate the bad news. About 10 minutes after the officer dropped me off and left, I got a call from the police officer. They found the car, apparently I had parked it on the other side of the parking lot.

  17. 17 iskandar_ahmat (Iskandar Ahmat)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: VQ CarFinder giving away 10 CarFinder Bundles http://bit.ly/1Z0LhU

  18. 18 Ryun

    Forget where I parked?!?! I forget what I ate for lunch… If I don’t park in the same places when I go somewhere, I end up being that guy walking around pressing the key fob like crazy to find my car. I need the program!

  19. 19 Chad D

    I just wish that it could help find which floor i parked in in the garage!! At the mall, walking from floor to floor is the worst!

  20. 20 Lynn H

    The likelihood of my forgetting where I parked the car is directly proportional to the amount of rain/snow/hail that is falling from the sky at the moment I emerge from the store. I really need this app.

  21. 21 Jeebs

    Well I’ve been trying to leave Disneyland for the last 35 minutes… I was sure I parked in the Mickey Mouse level, but after going through all spots, I’m sure its the level above now.

    Its not the first time that happens, I do it all the time when I go to the market or other places.

    The worst incident was at a music festival. The parking area was unmarked, and after an hour and a half we found our van. Someone broke into our vehicle and stole an iPod and some cash.

    I really, REALLY need this app + Bluetooth set, specially since I’m a college student that is usually short on cash.

  22. 22 Bob Cohen

    I lose the car and have to hit the alarm button to find it. If I’m close, it works like a charm

  23. 23 Erick Diaz

    I would like to win an application like that because sometimes when i go to the supermarket i forget where i parked my car. I think this is a powerful tool for my blackberry bold :-). Thank you

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