Monthly Archive for September, 2009

RIM and TiVo partner to launch free TiVo application


RIM and TiVo have launched a free application, that lets TiVo customers who are BlackBerry users, interact with their programming guides and recordings.

The app, currently available on App World, will let you browse shows by category, view the most popular shows or daily picks and see the programming details, such as title, description, runtime, and airdate and time. Additionally, the BlackBerry device can easily be used to set a TiVo to record shows.

If you’re looking for a walk through of the program, check out Inside BlackBerry where they have posted about the application in more detail.

Further evidence of BlackBerry success in Indonesia from InMobi


Not too long ago BlackBerry Cool published an article regarding the success of RIM in Indonesia. The article highlighted the fact that the BlackBerry is popular for two main reasons: its price point and its brand reputation.

Data from Indonesia’s largest mobile advertising network, InMobi, confirms the above notion that BlackBerry is beating iPhone in Indonesia, a country home to over 237 million people. From January 2009 to June 2009, mobile ad requests on Blackberry phones increased by 842%, compared to mobile ad requests on Indonesia iPhones, which increased only by 205%. See the above graph for a better picture of how the two devices differ in usage.

For RIM to further succeed in Indonesia and the rest of the developing world, they are going to have to launch more low-end devices. While the 8520 did an excellent job of satisfying some of the demand for a cheaper smartphone, there is still plenty of opportunity for an even cheaper device. A BlackBerry with the most basic of functionality would still provide a smartphone experience the developing world would cherish.

Verizon BlackBerry 9550 aka Storm 2 – What Do You Want To Know?


Verizon Storm 2 - 9550

Although it seems like an eternity, the BlackBerry Storm has only been for sale for almost a year.  RIM went back and reworked with mechanics of their touch screen and cooked up a new(er) operating system. 

Now, we at have gotten our hands on a pre-released 9550.  Yes, the screen rebound is much better, thanks to the shortened travel distance, and we’re enjoying the more responsive keyboard.  Both of these aspects have been significantly improved. 

Instead of writing a review of a pre-release device, we’d like to know what burning questions you have about the device.  We’ll work to answer them.  Again, considering that this is a pre-release device, there are still bugs, quirks and gremlins clearly running wild. 

So drop us a line on what you’d like to know and we’ll do our best to answer your questions!

Deal of the Day: Aerize Optimizer- 40% off


Get peak performance out of your BlackBerry device with this advanced memory and performance optimizer. Eliminate memory leaks, degrading performance, and BlackBerry device errors. Automatically reclaim your precious system memory resources that have been lost with Aerize Optimizer.


  • Avoid memory errors
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Archaic theme by Elecite


The latest theme from Elecite is the Archaic theme. It slides horizontally between four pages giving you a customizable icon dock, calendar list, message list and media page. If you have a BlackBerry 8350, 8500, 8900 or 9000, you can change the wallpaper for further customization. This is a really clean theme and it will run smoothly on your device.

the Archaic theme is available from Elecite for $6.99.

HedoneDesign Simple Black & White theme


HedoneDesign have a new theme and this one is called Simple Black & White. The theme is just what the title says: a simple theme that uses a black and white color scheme. The theme comes with accurate meters for the battery and signal, with visually appealing icons. The theme also comes with a wallpaper friendly today preview.

Until October 6th, you can get this theme for $3.99.