BlackBerry Essex - the Tour with WiFi


The latest BlackBerry to surface has been named the Essex. The device is the next iteration of the BlackBerry Tour aka the BlackBerry Niagara aka the BlackBerry 9630.

The Essex looks just like the Tour in size and the major adjustments are in form factor, as well as a couple features such as WiFi will be added.

As with many BlackBerry devices, one of the first things you’ll notice is the keyboard. The Essex has opted out of the Bold style keyboard and chosen a chicklet style Curve keyboard. The BlackBerry community is fairly divided on Curve vs the Bold keyboards, so it makes sense for RIM to change it up and offer both alternatives.

The Essex will also come with the new trackpad, which at this point we have to assume will come standard with all BlackBerry devices that once had a trackball. Again, the device will be a World Phone, capable of roaming between CDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS networks.

There is also a rumor that this device will be heading to Sprint, which was loosely confirmed when a Sprint exec said we will see a WiFi enabled Tour this year.

Tour owners, how do you feel about RIM launching this device so soon after you bought your 9630? Is WiFi, a trackpad and a new keyboard layout something you would have liked on your device?

UPDATE: I’m going to concede that the keyboard might actually be the same. When you put the two devices side by side, it looks like the keys are a little more separated in a Curve fashion, but it could easily just be the lighting. I’m sure we’ll see more pics coming soon which will clarify.


  • rhys

    so whats the diffrece between this and the bold 9700 ? thanks

  • rhys

    so whats the diffrece between this and the bold 9700 ? thanks

  • BBisaverage

    Yes there is much better out there for camera quality. Check out Sony ericsson c905, Samsung innov8, and Nokia N86. You will be blown away by how much better the nokia N86 is than a blackberry. I have the c905 from sony ericsson, the N86 from nokia, and a blackberry tour 9630, and a bold 2. the c905 and N86 both kick blackberry's cameras ass.

  • Jmccormick2010

    I honestly don't like the new Essex aka tour 2, IDK it's just something about it that makes it look a little cheap looking even tho it does have the chrome just as the tour 9630 i'm thinking because of the way the keyboard looks in the picture for the essex but i'm still not sold on it sorry RIM i'm going to get the bb tour 9630 i'm in a southern and wifi doesn't work here unless i'm going to be in a hotel or going to burger king which i wont be doing any of the two so sexy sleek black on chrome tour 9630 here i come oh my cousin has the curve wit track pad and with the wifi and it doesn't work at all wifi that is so it's not a hot selling point for me all it does is kill the battery

  • Drew_andrei2000

    9100 is the best!