Air Canada’s latest web signal service saves you time at the airport


Inside BlackBerry has a great new post up regarding Air Canada’s latest web signal service which combines web check-in with an Electronic Boarding Pass.

The Air Canada web signal service gives the user one-click access to flight information directly from the BlackBerry. The service also allows you to use the same email address that you use to register for Flight Notifications on the web. This means you will be updated as soon as possible if there are any changes.

One of the best parts of this service is the sensation you get when using a barcode on your BlackBerry rather than a paper boarding pass. You can bypass lineups and save time, which is a reward for being so technologically ahead of the curve.

For more about Air Canada’s latest web signal service, see the official post from RIM.

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  1. 1 Ben

    Northwest/Delta Airlines is doing this as well and it is awesome! I was nervous doing it the first time, but now i will never go back. They have it set-up so that you choose what phone you have, and then they email you a link or send you an MMS of the barcode boarding pass. I like the MMS version better as it is then saved on your phone memory, where as the email version is a tinyURL link. Either way works, but wouldn’t it just suck to experience internet connection issues just as you were trying to open the weblink?

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