Aetherpal 2.3 mobile device management for BlackBerry enterprise users


AetherPal RIM_Remote

w2bi have announced the availability of AetherPal 2.3, which allows administrative support for all Blackberry devices.

AetherPal 2.3 features:

  • Administrators can manage all mobile devices controlled by a BES Server
  • AetherPal device enrollment info is taken directly from the BES Server
  • Simple Banner Notification support for BlackBerry devices which allows administrators to schedule banners or initiate them immediately
  • Crystal Report Integration which enables admins to generate reports and export them into Crystal Reports
  • AetherPal 2.3 allows both admins and end users to initiate Remote Control sessions. Users initiate the session by clicking the AetherPal Remote control icon and the device sets up a data connection with the admin.

AetherPal can support multiple operating systems, a feature that has been widely requested in the industry due to new smartphones constantly being introduced into the ecosystem. These multiple OSs are supported even if some are managed by BES and/or Microsoft SCMDM 2008.

When choosing BlackBerry administrative support software, it’s important to be informed about all the potential solutions as each provides a competitive advantage that may apply to your organization. For example, Zenprise and BoxTone are two BlackBerry administrative tools that provide similar services but both have advantages that make them better for certain organizations.

More information available from the AetherPal site.

Are there any organizations out there that are currently using AetherPal?

UPDATE: AetherPal has gone version 3.0 and they have some technical enhancements in remote control optimization they want you to know about. AetherPal 3.0 features:

  • Session recovery on device reboot
  • Automatic reconnection in case of interruptions in network coverage
  • Enhanced and user friendly enrollment process
  • Real time feedback to CSR during the entire process
  • Support for windows server 2008 r2
  • Dynamic device package creation during download request

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    Aetherpal 2.3 mobile device management for BlackBerry enterprise users

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