Are you having trackball issues with your Sprint BlackBerry Tour?


David Eller, an analyst at TownHall Investment Research, is saying the BlackBerry Tour has been experiencing a 50 percent return rate due to problems with the trackball.

Tour owners who are returning the device are complaining that they must roll the trackball repeatedly for it to move the cursor on the screen only minimally. One user said he was on his fourth Tour, after returning the previous three due to problems with the trackball.

Beginning of August, RIM said that a firmware fix would be issued in 30 days and would resolve the problem.

While it may not apply to this issue with the Tour, BlackBerry Cool would like to remind users that you can do 2 things to help fix your BlackBerry trackball:

1) Make sure the sensitivity settings are ideal. Often turning up your sensitivity is helpful for experienced users.
2) You can always replace the trackball yourself.

Are you a Sprint Tour owner? Have you noticed your trackball having issues?


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  1. 1 mw

    You comment that you can replace the trackball “yourself” . This was indeed a simple operation with the BB curve. Recently a video has been posted that details how an average user could replace the trackball on a Tour. While it is certainly possible, after watching the Video, I seriously doubt that the average BB user could accomplish it compared to the Curve BB replacement.

    The main point here is that RIM has released a product that was not ready as evidenced by Sprint and Verizon customer problems on the same Trackball issue with the Tout

  2. 2 Sam

    I have this problem with my Sprint Tour and a friend has the same issue with his T-Mobile Tour. Very annoying

  3. 3 micki

    I have this issue with my Tour from Sprint - the trackball is fine up and down but horrible left and right. There are videos on YouTube showing the isse.

    But what’s worse is that I took my Tour to the Sprint store here within the 30 day return period and although the store acknowledged the problem, they REFUSED to replace my defective phone. Now that this issue has become more public, I’m going to try again to get it replaced.

  4. 4 KJ

    I’ve had my Tour for about 2 months now. I am definitely experiencing problems with the trackball. Scrolling left and right is extremely hard. I turned the sensitiviy up to 90. This helped a little. I like the phone but the trackball issues will make me return it.

  5. 5 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Are you having trackball issues with your Sprint BlackBerry Tour?

  6. 6 BBHacker (BBHacker Team)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you having trackball issues with your Sprint BlackBerry Tour?

  7. 7 Eugene_G (Eugene)

    @bendevious You prob saw this tho. RT @BlackBerryCool Are you having trackball issues with your Sprint BlackBerry Tour?

  8. 8 Amy

    So, how do I get the fix?

  9. 9 bendevious (Ben Davis)

    Come on Sprint,this is an issue! RT @BlackBerryCool: Are you having trackball issues with your Sprint BlackBerry Tour?

  10. 10 John

    I had a Blackberry Tour with a trackball problem from Verizon. But Verizon replaced it for me with a new one (Software ver no questions asked. Have had it at factory sensitivity for almost 3 weeks now and still no problems. Gotta say I’m very impressed with the way Verizon handled the problem. They acknowledged that there was a problem, did not hassle me and fixed it with by replacing it with a newer, updated model. Considering I was way beyond my 30 day limit. Bravo Verizon!!

  11. 11 Ron

    Verizon and Sprint said that there was a small problem at launch but was corrected since then and the return rate is actually lower than any other smartphone. Another day, another bogus report on the internet - shame on you TownHall!

  12. 12 Reboots DaMachina

    YES!!! It drives me batty somedays. Seems worse with some themes more than others. The default Sprint Theme is possibly the worst. It mostly seems worse going right to left or left to right. Up and down seem ok. I did buy a replacement roller but if this can be fixed with a firmware update, then more power! My settings are 90 horiz and 80 vertical. That seems to be less annoying than the 80/80 is.

  13. 13 Joe

    I definitely have a trackball issue with my Tour. I emailed Sprint and they told me to take it to a local Sprint store. I’ll be doing just that in the next couple days. It’s really annoying.

  14. 14 addictedtoBB

    I have the very same problem with my Verizon Tour. I’m actually having my third one shipped to me as I type this. I had much higher expectations for this phone. At times, I’m tempted to plug back in my 8830. It never had these issues.

  15. 15 Anonymous

    We noticed this on several Tours that we started to roll out. After sending a few complaints around, we heard that the later run of Tours had better trackballs on them

    I’ve received new ones and they seem to be working much better

    I’m not sure why this took so long for carriers to acknowledge and act upon. For companies that do large deployments, this would be an absolute nightmare to upgrade 100+ users, only to find out that they’re all defective

    There should have been much better QA and testing done on these units before they were ever released to carriers. I have a Tour for work and a Curve for personal use and I’m a little uneasy about upgrading my Curve to a Tour…

  16. 16 Eric Weintraub

    I have been having the same problem with all of my verizon tours. Some t-mobile 8900’s as well but not as bad.

    Left to right much worse then up to down.


  17. 17 mw

    Does anyone want to comment on RIM releasing the Tour with such an obvious defect. Isn’t this the bigger issue moving forward. RIM is constantly reporting that new devices are about to be released. How do we trust them

  18. 18 rob

    I had my problem with a VZW Tour….turned it off after 1 hour and went back to my 8830.


  19. 19 DFW Shopper

    I was recently shopping for a phone upgrade at a local Sprint store and the display Tour had zero response right to left. I walked out having decided a Blackberry was NOT in my immediate future.

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