AddOnis the Blackberry Configuration app Giveaway


Update: Thanks for the participation! Winners will be informed via email shortly.

We’re giving away 20 AddOnis apps: the ultimate in BlackBerry configuration. To win, just comment what your next model BlackBerry is going to be and why. The best 20 entries will enjoy the all-in-one utility that your BlackBerry can’t be without.

AddOnis (formerly BerryAddon) is the ultimate BlackBerry tweaking/configuration utility that allows to control some of the finer functions of your device. The Twinkler software team has managed to combine the utility of 5-8 separate apps that would normally cost $50.00 – $60.00 dollars, and did it all in less than 80k of memory. AddOnis also adds features to the device, letting you selectively block or permit calls from certain numbers, adding options to various alerts, adding a configurable missed call indicator, providing In-Call notifications and so much more.

Buy AddOnis, on special now through September 2009 for %25 off, only $7.47!

36 Responses to “AddOnis the Blackberry Configuration app Giveaway”

  1. 1 James D. Shuford

    I plan to upgrade from the Curve 8330 to the Curve 8900. This will be an incremental hardware upgrade.

  2. 2 Mark

    App looks great!

    I would definitely get the 9700 (Onyx?)….3G!!! also, it looks slick and my 8900 has gotten me DEEP into all things BB….

  3. 3 Marvin Garcia

    My next bb will the onyx…I love the keyboard function instead of the storm its a lot easier to text ….. You can literly. Use 1 hand and 1 finger..
    Hopefully I can add…..Addonis to it
    Thanks for the contest

  4. 4 James D. Shuford

    I am upgrading from a Curve 8330 to a Curve 8900. This is an incremental hardware upgrade.

  5. 5 Hope

    The storm! because im a touch-screen addict

  6. 6 Jaime

    I’ll buy a Bold next year, I’m cheap!

  7. 7 perry valton

    I’m using bold at the moment I’m looking forward to having 9700 really soon

  8. 8 Jay

    I am going to purchase the upcoming BlackBerry 9700. I think it will be the best BlackBerry to date…Hopefully running 5.0 w BBM 5.0

  9. 9 Rock-e

    I will try to buy the next bold generation , the 9700 Bold. Rigth now I own a Bold wich has been a great smarthphone experience to me. I have never try the blackberry storm which looks nice , but since I use my blackberry mainly for work , it just doesnt make for me. Im really proud to be part of the blackberry comunity when people asked me which cellphone I own, I always said, its not a cellphone ” it’s a blackberry”

  10. 10 SaloMog

    My next blackberry model is going to be the Storm 2. I currently have a Storm, and while I am happy with the device, typing on the device is horrid. With the new improved method of typing on the device, it would benefit my lifestyle. Not only that I love the fact that it has WiFi.

  11. 11 Ime

    That would be the Storm 2.
    Why? TruePress, wifi, bigger memory, OS 5.

  12. 12 Chris Wilkerson

    my next blackberry will be a Blackberry Bold 9700 because I am a TOTAL blackberry addict, I have converted sooo many iPhone users to Blackberries so I always feel like I have to have the LATEST and GREATEST Blackberry that my carrier, AT&T has to offer, so the next one would be the 9700 Bold! :)

  13. 13 JRuhrohs

    My next BlackBerry is going to be the Bold 9700. It’s like the Curve 8900 and Bold 9000 had an illegitimate child. An illegitimate that I would love to adopt!!

    It’s the best of both worlds, the small form factor of the Curve 8900 and better technology than the Bold 9000.

  14. 14 Voipeng

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the new 9700, slimmer Blackberry Bold/Onyx a huge plus is the greater battery life as well as the elimination of the scroll wheel. The device design is very clean and will be one of the best looking Blackberries ever designed.

  15. 15 Belutz

    I use Curve 8900 right now and my next Blackberry might be Blackberry 9700 (Onyx). Why? Because Bold 9700 (Onyx) have better specifications than Curve 8900. Especially the 3G. Why not Bold 9000? Because Curve 8900 have more application memory compare to Bold, that’s why I choose Curve 8900 in the first place.
    On the paper, Onyx specifications could be the most complete in features for me.
    With AddOnis software installed in my blackberry, it could make my mobile life easier :D I’ve been using BerryAddon for a while and it works really great.

  16. 16 Binh Truong

    I love this soft but I am not lucky man in this game I can only say thank you

  17. 17 Avi

    My next device will be the Onyx 9700 - seems to be the best device ever RIM made.

  18. 18 Hernan Guidi

    My next BB will most definitely be the worthy Bold 9700 for its allround supreme performance and uncompromising specifications (also looking forward to the trackbad!!!).

  19. 19 Tom

    I’m on the bold right now, planning to upgrade to the new 9700. it’s simply the only no compromise model to be available soon. the best keyboard, a better camera resolution, 3G, wi-fi, the works. Plus, killer looks! A potent combination.

  20. 20 Khim Soo Loh

    My next model BlackBerry is going to be BOLD or STORM…because I am still using the 8707v! 8707v still running on OS 4.2 and lack of many cool features such as camera, touch screen, etc.

  21. 21 perry valton

    i’m using bold at the moment which is the best bb ever, i plan to upgrade to 9700 when it’s aviable in the uk hopefully in 2010.

  22. 22 Jaime

    I’ll get a Bold next year, I’m cheap!

  23. 23 Nathan

    Currently using the 8900, but I will definitely upgrade to the 9700 when it is released. I need 3G since I am on the road all the time and the trackpad will be a nice change from the sticky trackball. Can’t wait to use AddOnis on my 9700. Thanks for the chance.

  24. 24 Tashanna

    I plan to upgrade from my 8900 to the 9700 Bold since I’m on TMO and this will be the first ever blackberry with 3g on this network. I cant wait.

  25. 25 Tom

    Likely it will be the storm 2 or whichever variation comes along when I’m set to get a new one. For all it’s quirks I really like the storm’s clean look (no buttons).

  26. 26 paul howard

    I’m using a 9000 now and hope for a 9z00 next, but a lot depends on what the carrier offers when I’m ready to buy.

  27. 27 Paul Howard

    I’m using a 9000 now and hope to get a 9700 next, depending on what my carrier has when I’m ready to buy. I live in a remote area, so the priority is best coverage, then best phone.

    I hope not to send multiple comments but I’m getting errors trying to submit it.

  28. 28 Puplovinpilot

    I currently have the 8330. I switched from a Dare to Blackberry and WILL NEVER GO BACK! I had thought about going for the Storm but since I used the Dare. I am not too big a fan of the touch screen. It would always get dirty and you run the risk of scratch it. I would probably upgrade to the Tour. Haven’t heard much bad about it. As long as I get more internal memory with an upgrade, I will be satisfied! I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY!! Oh where were you in my lives a few years ago! :) Love BlackBerries!!!

  29. 29 Pat

    I would love to win this app but I can’t say which model will be my next BB. I’m one year into a two year contract and working for a non-profit does leave much for my toys. I love my 8320 except for one thing - it doesn’t have enough memory for all the apps I want to use and that means I have to be very selective about which ones I will use. With new models coming out almost everyday, I know there’ll much more to choose from when I can upgrade. The one requirement so far will be more memory.

  30. 30 Josh

    From 8320 to 9700.Can’t wait for the 3G and the very sleek lok!

    Can’t wait

    970Can’t w

  31. 31 J Garcia

    Tour. Like the size and will be nice moving up from 8300.

  32. 32 Bryan

    My 8310 with AT&T had become unusable, probably mostly because I spend too much downtime readinmg BBcool and downloading all the fun things I read about. But memory looked ok, so I called IT. Since I was out of warranty, she agreed to upgrade me. The AT&T choices are Bold or 8900, but she strongly advised against the Bold due to the dropped calls issue. I ask for a few days while at VMworld to conduct my own poll, and was amazing how many people deal with dropped calls bc the iPhone is “cool.”. So after battery pulling every few hrs to keep the device running for a week, I had a brainstorm. I really wanted 3G for simultaneously voice and data so I convinced her to let me switch to VZ and she ordered a Tour. The phone arrived, and the keyboard doesn’t thrill me but the screen is amazing and data speed is unbelievable. A few days pass and I’m underwhelmed with the # of bars, but no dropped calls and data is fast. Monday I join a meeting I am supposed to be on-site for via teleconf. After the first few hours, several failed attenmpts to return to the mtg from call waiting calls and the inability to click over to make new calls, I lost it. To be fair, it is possible, though not as easy as with ATT, but there must be a 4.7 bug that prevents the display from updating so I have no idea which call I’m in unless I ask. I post on crackberry and call VZ support to no avail. I call IT today and tell her I can’t take it. She happily agrees to order me a Bold and port me back over because ATT apparently just patched the 3G to GSM handoff issue and my new device arrives tomorrow. Sorry about the typos, but isince the Bold keyboard is similar to this Tour (or at least closer than to the Curve), I figured I needed the practice :-)

  33. 33 Bryan

    Oh yeah, and VZ isn’t real 3G, so no simultaneous voice and data :-(

  34. 34 DomConway

    Onyx for me, I like to have the best as early as possible!

  35. 35 Akmal

    Definitely Storm 2.
    It’s look like fun to type on the Storm 2.

  36. 36 Jbermudez

    Of course Storm 2, this will be the next generation of smartphones. Everybody love touch and why not doing with our lovely toys/tool.

    With the new technology for press our screen will be perfect. I can’t wait touch him. And of course have Wifi (The only mistake on Storm 1)

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