6 reasons to get the BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 (with video)

YouTube user Salomondrin hasn’t been having any problems posting videos of the BlackBerry Storm 2, while other users are seeing their videos ripped down by RIM’s legal department. Why? Probably because it’s good press. He does a good job of selling users on the Storm 2, and in the end it’s good for business. I’d like to see Salomondrin post something highly critical of the Storm 2, and see if he can keep the video up.

Sal gives the following 6 reasons why you should get the BlackBerry Storm 2:

1. The Storm 2 is better looking.
2. WiFi
3. Memory - Storm 2 has 138 MB of application memory and 1.8 GB on device.
4. Texting - the texting experience is much faster due to the new sensors underneath the screen.
5. Faster - Even though Sal is using a device with an older OS, it’s still much faster to browse through the menu options and go from landscape to portrait mode.
6. Better Camera

While having more memory, a better camera and a faster processor is great, it is still very close to the Storm 1. There doesn’t seem to be anything revolutionary going on with the device, and I think with more OS updates to the Storm 1, you could have a very similar experience.

Carriers everywhere are dumping the Storm 1 to make inventory room for the Storm 2, but they’re going to have to do a lot to sell us on the Storm 2. Your BlackBerry Storm is a very decent device, I’m just not seeing the great leap forward. Lets see what marketing has to say about this.


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  1. 1 inthefad3

    Thank you! Other sites are making it seem like the Storm 2 will be a huge leap forward.

  2. 2 moog

    Better camera = Faster camera? I couldn’t really tell what was better, but I assume the lag is gone.

  3. 3 kemblepdx

    I like the side by side comparison however I could have really done without your snarky attitude, I mean you kinda act like the BB Storm 1 is some P.O.S but it’s a good phone of course the newer one is better that’s kinda what RIM does releases better versions of there phone…lol I really can’t falt you for feeling so strongly for the storm2 cause it look awesome I personally cant wait to own one.

  4. 4 Kyle

    The Storm 2 multi-touch is a really great improvement, but I can’t help but think that users who bought the Storm 1, thought they were buying what is now the Storm 2.

    That’s not to say the Storm 1 is a bad device (@kemblepdx). It’s a great touchscreen device. But it should have come with multitouch and a smoother user experience.

    While I would buy the Storm 2, it’s going to leave a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth knowing that I bought 2 devices when I should have only had to buy it right the first time.

    I’ll never forget what Lazaridis said about the Storm: “Nobody gets it right first time out of the gate.”

    Hopefully it’s right the second time out the gate.

  5. 5 steven Jones

    I just spent money on an unlocked phone, best looking paper weight I ever bought. Thank goodness my company spent for Bold replacement. I can’t wait for carriers trying to sell a failed device to angry customers.

  6. 6 ADVENT

    Nice to see an unbiased opinion, which is rare in regards to this phone.

  7. 7 ADVENT

    And this guy does seem off as obnoxious in these videos.

  8. 8 ADVENT

    And this guy does seem to come off as obnoxious in these videos.

  9. 9 iskandar_ahmat (Iskandar Ahmat)

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    6 reasons to get the BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 (with video) http://bit.ly/f311r

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    RT @BlackBerryCool 6 reasons to get the BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 (with video) http://bit.ly/f311r

  14. 14 glenn

    138mb?? The current storm has enough issues with 128, and they bump it up by 10? Considering everything is highly dependent on that memory (including the ‘mission critical’ phone part - oh sorry I need to pop the battery out before I can make a phone call), I think I’ll wait until they go all out and put 142 on it.

  15. 15 Gabriel

    Dude, the blackberry storm 1 (and probably storm 2) is a P.O.S.!!! Are you retarded that you can’t tell it sucks?

  16. 16 Gabriel

    @ steven Jones

    You’re an idiot.

  17. 17 Tony

    It’s very interesting having a storm 2 with the huge improvement (memory,texting,camera,faster processor,…etc) but no information about battery(same as storm1?). In my opinion, this is going to be a big gap of considering to buy storm 2 rather than storm1 don’t you think?

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