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Top 5 small improvements on the Storm 2 versus Storm 9530



Yes, the biggest improvement in the Storm 2 is the typing technology and the ease at which you can type on the touchscreen. Typing on the Storm 2 is a more reassuring feeling versus the 9530, and it is far easier than typing on other touchscreen devices such as the iPhone. Another huge improvement is the addition of WiFi.

But what about everything else? There are a host of small improvements on the Storm 2 that don’t get as much exposure but will provide you with a little added comfort.
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BlackBerry Cool social media roundup


We would just like to remind you of the various social media initiatives that BlackBerry Cool actively promotes and we encourage you to join.

BlackBerry Cool Twitter feed (13,721 followers)

Get the latest updates from the BlackBerry Cool Twitter feed. Be sure to Tweet with #blackberrycool and we’ll follow you.

The BlackBerry Cool LinkedIn Group (1120 Members)

The BlackBerry Cool LinkedIn has some of the brightest in the industry. If you’re looking for a job in the smartphone industry, interested in networking with other professionals, or you simply want to support the group, we would like to welcome you to the group.

BlackBerry Cool Facebook Page (5.258 fans)

The BlackBerry Cool Facebook page is a casual spot where you can discuss the top stories with other BlackBerry fans. Come join the discussion!

Windows 7 Ultimate Theme available and on sale


This Windows 7 Ultimate theme is available for every device, except those running 5.0 software. Like we’ve said before, there are bugs in OS 5 themes and we’ve heard they will be corrected by Dev Con on November 9th, 2009.

Every other BlackBerry gets support on this theme, and it’s one that everyone can enjoy. The Windows 7 Ultimate theme features a fully functional Start Menu, which allows you to access your media center, music, settings, connection manager, sound profiles and application screen. Also, just like the real Start Menu, there is a shut down button as well.

Purchase the Windows 7 Ultimate theme, on sale now for $2.49 until November 1st (regularly $3.49).

ChangeWave survey validity should be questioned


When we wrote about ChangeWave’s most recent survey, we tried to make it very obvious that the survey was in no way indicative of any statistically accurate trends, and that it was to be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, the exact wording was:

“Since the survey sample is so small, and we can’t be sure of how representative the sample is of the total North American market, we should obviously take these results with a grain of salt.”

What should have been included in the post, was a better explanation of why the ChangeWave survey isn’t accurate.
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Co-CEO of RIM Jim Balsillie talks about the year in review


As we approach the end of 2009, it was, to say the least, an interesting year for Research in Motion. The National Post recently wrote an article with some quotes from the co-CEO Jim Balsillie that show he and Mike Lazaridis are pleased with progress and very optimistic moving forward.
Continue reading about the year in review and comments from Balsillie

SmrtGuard available on Indosat as white labeled solution i-Guard



Founder of SmrtGuard Robert Kao and the Indosat team.

SmrtGuard and the Indonesian carrier Indosat, have announced the launch of the i-Guard service, a white label version of SmrtGuard. With this white labeled version of the service, users can wirelessly backup and restore personal data, as well as personally track and remotely wipe their smartphone in the event of theft or loss.

Personally, I would love to see North Americans getting a white labeled version of SmrtGuard as well. There are a ton of BlackBerry consumers that would benefit from this service, but aren’t in the know when it comes to purchasing applications. Relationships with carriers can go a long way to bringing these great apps to people who don’t know about them.