Aerize WiFiX: Enforce WiFi Usage released



Aerize has just released WiFiX for BlackBerry. WiFiX is a bit more powerful than it seems; it can reroute connections to and from any connection. For example: WiFi <> BES <> BIS <> TCP/IP <> WAP, so it can actually enable usage of many programs without the need for a BlackBerry Data connection (BES/BIS). Since it can import and export settings it is highly configurable for the future.

We are actually using Google Maps and a bunch of other apps on BlackBerry with only WAP data connections. Furthermore, it will enable WiFi when the user has NO mobile data plan at all.

Try or Buy Aerize WiFiX for $9.99

6 Responses to “Aerize WiFiX: Enforce WiFi Usage released”

  1. 1 Binh Truong

    Can I use this soft to change connetion of BlackBerry Yahoo Messagener? Can you show me hostname? Thanks

  2. 2 Pat

    So where is it? The try or buy link is inactive and it doesn’t show up in the store

  3. 3 Chris

    in the Philippines the data plan here is ridiculously expensive so this would really be a must buy app here.. i tried it out but it doesnt seem to be working for gmail, facebook and yahoo messenger app if anyone manages to make it work please post

  4. 4 Michael

    This does sound like a VERY cool app that will be perfect for my wife’s Pearl. She would love to use GoogleMaps and Facebook on the Berry and there are WiFi connections just about everywhere we go. I did find the app in the Blackberry App store, just google “Aerize WiFiX” and you’ll find the link. I’ll be trying this out tonight!!

  5. 5 cletis

    I don’t suppose that this app is capable of redirecting BES sync traffic over my regular data connection, thereby eliminating my need to pay an extra $15/month for BES service on my BB? No, it can’t be; I’ll still need the enterprise service books, right? Yeah, this is for a completely different purpose.

    It’s a nice dream, though; add to this the ability to download a free single-user license installation of BES to hook up to my personal Domino mail server, and I’d finally get around the 2- to 5-hour delay I see in getting my mail delivered to my handheld via BIS.

  1. 1 Aerize WiFiX: Enforce WiFi Usage released | Daily diggest

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