Photobucket Mobile Uploader for BlackBerry impressions



We have had the Photobucket Mobile Uploader here at the office for some time now and it’s a great application because of it’s simplicity.

We all know photobucket as one of the biggest and best managed image hosting and sharing sites out there. Photobucket Mobile Uploader is an application geared towards getting your pictures off your smartphone automatically. It quietly uploads them every ten minutes to your your choice of Photobucket account, email, and PC . You can also force an update if you need to post a pic right away.

The app is simple and clean with no hiding of options with a menu hierarchy. There are also no pop-up “are you sure?” bubbles which makes sense because the only time you’re going to actually be in the application is for configuration. The uploader allows to to use your camera freely while it takes care of the photo management.

After snapping a few photographs, I realized that I didn’t give a second thought as to when my next sync or file transfer will be: it was all taken care of.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, pick your device and download Photobucket for Blackberry.

4 Responses to “Photobucket Mobile Uploader for BlackBerry impressions”

  1. 1 Terry

    is it only for t-mobile

  2. 2 Ricci

    Only for just T Mobile??

  3. 3 impak875

    This sucks that it’s only for T-Mobile… who was the idiot who marketed it that way? Do they not realize they could have way more users by lauching it nationwide? Oh well…

  1. 1 Photobucket Mobile Uploader for BlackBerry impressions | Daily diggest

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