Storm no longer available on Telus site



Samano, a contributor has noted that the BlackBerry Storm is no longer available on the Telus website. There is a lot of speculation as to when the Storm 2 will be released on Telus and Verizon. When old devices get quietly discontinued, a big launch is soon to follow.

Has anybody heard anything from their Telus or Verison rep? When do you think the Storm 2 is coming?

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  1. 1 Kyle

    I wonder if this means no more device updates for the Storm 1 from Telus? Toronto’s Nuit Blanche this weekend released an guide app for the iPhone and Blackberry, but it wont run on the current “old” version of the Telus Storm software.

  2. 2 Jon

    Wow guess the new one is coming or this just didn’t sell. I sent mine back after a few months to Telus. It just didn’t work well, though I tried to love it.

  3. 3 Chris G

    Once upon a time I was a big Blackberry supporter, then I bought a Storm soon after they were released. Blackberry’s off my list of phone companies I’ll be supporting in the future. Next phone will be either an iPhone or a Palm Pre, and if I do ever buy a Blackberry again it will be many, MANY months after it’s been reviewed and rated.

    Lousy phone, lousy OS, lousy features, lousy support.

  4. 4 Todd Greencorn

    Looks like the storm being discontinued was just an availability issue as it is now available again for sale. I want the Storm2

  5. 5 Mat

    Just tried it and it is available , must have been a temporary issue.

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