Want to Know If You’re On BIS 2.8?


If you’re here, you likely have heard, RIM has rolled out BlackBerry Internet Service aka BIS 2.8. One of the features that has been added to this release is the ability to synchronize Gmail contacts to your device. Unfortunately, providers oftentimes don’t give you any notice that they’ve updated and finding the version of the BIS that you’re on can be a pain. Fortunately, I’ve dug up a way for you to be able to tell whether it’s been updated to BIS 2.8. Thanks to RIM’s help section, it explains where you can turn the contact synchronization on and off, via the menu system.

It states:

1. On the BlackBerry® Internet Service web site, in the left pane, click Email Accounts.
2. Click the Edit icon beside your Google Mail™ email address.
3. Select the Contacts check box.
4. Click Save.

After you finish: To stop synchronizing your contacts, clear the Contacts check box.

So if you don’t see this option, you’re not on BIS 2.8 yet. If you do see this option, you’re all set! Remember, you have to be running OS 5.0 to use this feature.  Let us know if this feature is available from your provider in the comments.

via Nan Palmero | Power User

10 Responses to “Want to Know If You’re On BIS 2.8?”

  1. 1 Mike S

    With Sasktel there is no contacts option, just a general synchronize option, so I assume it’s NOT 2.8.

  2. 2 jim

    I don’t think this is entirely accurate. I do not have the contact checkbox for my Gmail account on the BIS web site; however, I do see that Send service books was moved under help.

    Also, the enhanced Gmail plugin was pushed to my BB overnight.

    Maybe you have to re-add the Gmail account to see it???

  3. 3 domsen

    O2 Germany - BIS 2.8

  4. 4 duck

    checked my gmail account (2) and browser wont show(grey box w colors)an icon but says synchronize not contacts on t-mo so not sure if this is 2.8 or not but i did check the box, why i dont know not on 5.0 on 4.6.1

  5. 5 CJ

    I’m on Verizon and send service books has been moved to under help but I don’t have an option to sync contacts.

  6. 6 Edriss

    Service books under help> Rogers wireless>Vancouver

  7. 7 RM

    Appears that AT&T has not upgraded to the 2.8. Logged in this morning and they are still talking about the 2.4 upgrade on the screen just prior to the log in screen.

  8. 8 Inzomniak

    I am on O2-UK and for me the send service books option has also been moved to under help, and also no option to sync gmail contacts.

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