Expect more web apps as RIM launches BlackBerry Widget SDK


RIM have officially announced its BlackBerry Widget Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing developers to build apps using common web technologies. Included with the SDK is access to BlackBerry Widget APIs and other tools to easily create applications that can be distributed via BlackBerry App World or a BES.

BlackBerry Widget support will be available with BlackBerry OS 5.0, but developers can get a beta release of the Widget SDK today from blackberry.com/developers/widget.

While this SDK will allow developers to easily create web applications, one has to wonder if the apps that will be created will be of the same caliber that you currently see on App World. Apple’s App Store is plagued with what are called “bulk apps,” which are basically templated web apps that congest the market and don’t provide much added value.

There will be more news about BlackBerry Widgets at the BlackBerry Developer Conference and we hope to see you there.

2 Responses to “Expect more web apps as RIM launches BlackBerry Widget SDK”

  1. 1 Jeremy

    RIM needs to fix the BlackBerry Browser first…

  2. 2 mark

    Is that bbcools graphic or is it official? …because its backwards.

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