MemoryBooster half off for BlackBerry Cool readers

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The good people at S4BB are giving BlackBerry Cool readers 50% off their MemoryBooster application, with an offer that extends until October 22nd.

MemoryBooster recovers wasted memory and optimizing your BlackBerry for better performance. By simply hitting the “Boost Memory” button, users can recover up to 9 MB (9,437,184 bytes) or even more depending on your device.

This application has the following features:

  • Boosts your device speed by recovering wasted memory.
  • No New Hardware: Software only solution. No additional hardware needed! Does not influence any other applications.
  • Visuals: Fancy bar charts and textual high performance memory overview.
  • Automatic Background Boosting: Make sure the BlackBerry is never wasting memory!
  • Statistics: Extensive statistical data for effectiveness tracking.
  • Instant Download: OTA and desktop installation available.

To get 50% off MemoryBooster (normally $9.99) use the discount code BBCOOL_BARGAIN in our store.

  • CPD73
    I must not understand how this program works. I am using it on a BB Curve 8320. I will run a memory boost and it will tell me that it just freed up 2MB or whatever. HOWEVER, when I go to OPTIONS>STATUS on my Curve the File Free memory is often a lot less. Just a few minutes ago I did a boost on it and the program told me it free up 5 meg. However, when I went into STATUS the screen only showed 227,000 free. I am not able to tell a difference with this running except that sometimes my Curve runs slower. At one point today I only had about 460,000 bytes free. Why doesn't Memory Boost give me more. I keep having to do a battery pull to get more memory.
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