BoxTone 5.0 released with new features to empower BES admins



BoxTone have launched BoxTone 5.0 and there are some interesting updates to the product. The top 5 features you will see include:

1. Real-Time BlackBerry Productivity Tracking and Reporting
2. Controlling Employee Device Invasion
3. BoxTone Expert Connected for Remote Device Tracking
4. Roaming and Data Overage Tracking and Reporting
5. Expanded User Self-Service

1. Real-Time BlackBerry Productivity Tracking and Reporting – This BoxTone 5.0 feature gives organizations the ability to track real-time utilization of each mobile user based on time of day and day of week, and calculate off-hours productivity gains in real financial terms.

2. Controlling Employee Device Invasion – BoxTone 5.0 features device ownership tracking (employee-liable vs. corporate-liable) so that companies can auto-discover, identify, track, ensure IT Policy compliance, and protect themselves from rogue devices and applications.

3. BoxTone Expert Connected – The BoxTone Expert Connected feature connects BES Admins to the BoxTone 5.0 server, allowing them access to various remote data such as detailed data usage and application tracking.

4. Roaming and Data Overage Tracking and Reporting – Leveraging Expert Connected and the productivity tracking above, BoxTone 5.0 now tracks detailed roaming and data plan overage details. A company can quickly identify pockets of wasted spend and take action.

5. Expanded User Self-Service – The BoxTone User Self-Service Module that BES Admins can deploy so that users can help themselves, has had some significant updates. The module has a new interface that allows users to look up their own status, fix their own issues and administer their own devices (eg. reset password, wipe, switch device, etc.).

BoxTone also now supports a range of devices. If your company supports thousands of BlackBerry devices, with a few iPhones, Palm Pre’s or old Windows Mobile devices, these are supported by BoxTone’s services.

Head over to BoxTone’s site for more information.