WunderRadio available for the BlackBerry Curve and Bold tomorrow


WunderRadio is a streaming radio application that, originally for iPhone, will be available on BlackBerry App World tomorrow.

WunderRadio contains over 50,000 global live Internet radio streams provided by RadioTime. There are a variety of ways to experience this content, such as searching the over 400 genres. This application is great for listening to local content as well. With the RadioTime Guide, users can automatically detect what is airing on their local stations. You can also connect with an on-air DJ, while streaming your favorite station. Another local and interesting feature, is the ability to listen to police and emergency radio bands on WunderRadio.

WunderRadio does a great job of bringing together the best of radio, and the best of mobile technologies to deliver content. When it launches tomorrow, the app will cost $9.99, while offering users a 10 day free trial as well.