What developers need to know about the BlackBerry Storm 2


Verizon Storm 2 - 9550

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is going to be a great platform to develop for. The device ships with OS 5.0 meaning new APIs and features are available to the developer, including the ability to:

  • Link 3rd party applications to the Address Book.
  • Use push data more efficiently.
  • More easily make UI customizations.
  • Implement multi-touch for zooming in and out of images.

The BlackBerry Storm 2 will also support widget development. This is crucial for developers as it makes development easier through web standards.

Some of the hardware specs that you should know include:

  • Navigation with SurePress touch screen
  • 480 x 360 screen resolution
  • 3.2 MP Camera with Auto Focus
  • Location Support with Assisted and Autonomous GPS
  • Wi-Fi Support – 802.11b/g
  • 256MB Flash Memory (Application Space), 2GB embedded MMC, and microSD Support (up to 16GB today and supporting the specification for 32GB cards when they become available)

In the end, it’s the developers who are really going to make this a device a success. In order to convince them to start making fun and innovative apps for the device, they’re going to want to know that development is 1) Easy and 2) Lucrative. With the new widgets feature, development will be much easier and with more devices being launched in Q4, we’ll see App World numbers increase tremendously.

For more information, be sure to stay tuned on the BlackBerry Developers Blog.