Win prizes with Cortado’s Apps Need Printing competition

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Today is the first day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference and Cortado are running fun competition they call “Apps Need Printing.” The challenge calls on developers to test Cortado’s new, Java-based CHAPI (Content Handling API, JSR-211) interface and submit suggestions for the best and most original use of printing within an application.

The deadline for submission for the “Apps need printing!” competition is December 9, 2009. In addition to originality, expected market opportunity will also be a factor when deciding the winners. First, second and third place winners will receive a Nintendo Wii as well as a Cortado marketing and partner package worth $5,000 USD.

By the end of the year, Cortado plans to provide BlackBerry users with its printing service for free. Providers of BlackBerry smartphone applications will also benefit from the service because they will be able to add the “Print” function to their own app at no cost.

Can anyone think of some cool apps that would benefit from printing?

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