BlackBerry Developer Conference Day 2 Impressions


So this is the second day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference and it’s going really well so far. It’s impressive how RIM is responding to the surge of consumer subscribers and the majority of announcements we have seen are consumer-centric.

So far we have seen:

RIM announce Adobe Flash support coming to BlackBerry

RIM announce OpenGL support and a host of rich content features

Since we have been talking consumer here at the Developer Conference, it’s impossible to not mention iPhone and competing platforms. With OpenGL support, multi-touch on the Storm2, as well as some new APIs that will help developers make more compelling content, there is a lot of pressure to not just “keep up with the Johnsons.”

The latest developments for the BlackBerry platform are going to help make apps more competitive with other consumer apps on the market, but BlackBerry is going to do them one better. Generally, BlackBerry is better for the the things you do 90% of the time, but it needs help when it comes to the things we do 10% of the time. This 10% includes rich 3D games, fun applications that drive hype over the platform, and “an app for everything” ecosystem.

So how exactly will RIM do them one better?

In-application transactions - While other platforms such as the iPhone already offer in-application transactions, RIM is going to incorporate carrier billing which could make the environment much more user friendly as well as lucrative for developers.

Now that RIM has announced they are offering an advertising service, we may start to see a wide range of free ad-supported applications. In conjunction with tools that make BlackBerry development easier, such as widgets, 2010 is going to see a big surge in app submissions for App World.

The BlackBerry Developer Conference has done a lot to give developers the tools they need to make apps that are more competitive with what other platforms can offer consumers. The BlackBerry platform has years of experience being a reliable and powerful platform for enterprise for years, and it’s the perfect foundation to build a great consumer experience. Expect big things to come from BlackBerry in 2010!