The BlackBerry Developer Challenge Final 16


The BlackBerry Developer Challenge was narrowed down to the Final 16. The event takes 16 up and coming apps and helps them grow by giving the top apps investment.

The 16 finalists were:

1. Kik (awesome music app)
2. Sid Meier’s Civilizations (classic game)
3. Handmark’s AFP news app
4. David (a pragmatic app that tracks your wireless usage to help save you money)
5. Wicked Blogging App (WordPress for BlackBerry)
6. FileScout (advanced file manager for BlackBerry)
7. Expense Report Reader
8. Fierce Towers (tower defense)
9. Shozu (social networking platform for BlackBerry)
10. CBS News app (another news app by Handmark)
11. E-mobile software (an app similar to a theme)
12. Vision for YouTube
13. Astraware solitaire
14. Market Simplified (trading software)
15. 7Digitial Music Store 16. Unsynced Music Player (new music app api)

The crowd was getting very restless and Mike did his best to keep them quiet. Before we found out who won we watched a great show of half naked girls dancing around with swords and snakes on their heads while putting their legs behind their backs. The winner? The dancing girls. Sure, it wasn’t an app but it definitely stole the show.

No, but seriously folks, the big winner was the 7Digital Music Store for $75K. Congrats!