Preview of Poynt upcoming gas and weather features


Poynt is probably the best LBS app for BlackBerry. Currently, the app lets you find local businesses, movies, restaurants, events and people. The app gives you the relevant information you’re looking for, and with driving directions, interactive maps and contact information, Poynt connects you with these places.

In the upcoming version of Poynt (weeks away!), the app will be adding gas and weather functionality. These features are really awesome and we have some pics of the features in action.

The gas feature in Poynt shows you all the surrounding gas stations in your area and what the current price of gas is at that station. This feature is going to be huge for anyone who commutes to work and it will save you a ton of money over time.

The weather feature in Poynt has two components. When you set your location with Poynt, the app’s background will change based on what the weather is like. If it’s snowing, Poynt’s background will be covered in snow and show you what the temperature is. In the pic, we show what Poynt looks like for someone in Anchorage Alaska. If you want more information about the weather, you can click through and get the full weather forecasts and details.

These new features are going to make Poynt, an already killer app, even better.

Poynt is available free in App World.

  • Tashanna

    Awesome, I can’t wait. I love this app. Use it on a reg basis.

  • Tashanna

    Awesome, I can’t wait. I love this app. Use it on a reg basis.

  • tom

    unavailable for 9800 in south africa