Magmic makes national news with Kaglom number 1 in Japan

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Magmic has made national Canadian news recently as Kaglom made number 1 in Japan. Their app is free in App World and Apple’s App Store.

Jeff Bacon presented the app to the CBC, and even went on the streets to showcase it to some local Ottawans. It’s just too bad he presented it with the iPhone, because he’s a BlackBerry genius. Remember his column on BlackBerry Cool? It was awesome.

“We were responding to some customer feedback and adding a few more features,” said Jeff Bacon, director of engineering at Magmic. “That caused it to pop up on some new release charts in iTunes and the customers in Japan really picked up on that. Within a couple days of releasing the updates the game was No. 1 in Japan.”

Bacon said it is too early to tell how many Japanese iTunes users have downloaded the game. However, he said to date Ka-Glom has been downloaded more than five million times.

For video, see the CBC official site and skip to around 13:30.

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